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Forged is a PVE guild that is interested in progression through end-game content

Overview Edit

<Forged> is an Alliance guild on the Sentinels server, focused primarily on endgame PvE content. We believe that if people work together in a focused but relaxed raiding environment, they will have fun progressing through the endgame as a dedicated team. While Sentinels is an RP server, <Forged> does not participate in any active roleplay, though we certainly don't prohibit our members from enjoying themselves in that fashion if they choose.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

On July 7, 2007, Forged was formed. Created by a unique group of individuals, and have recruited a new team of talented individuals bonded together by their success. We look forward to the future.

Officers Edit

Shyde - Guild Leader Arcaiden Drakula Fiir Kery Ranulf

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