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Forbidden Lore is a Medium Raiding guild with Light Roleplay.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Lightninghoof. It is dedicated towards Roleplay and end game instances. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Kamarle, in game.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

With time comes change. What began as an attempt to revitalize the flagging roleplay community on Lightninghoof has grown into a family of members with a variety of interests. As old faces have left and new ones become familiar, our focus has shifted somewhat. Roleplaying and fostering the RP environment is still one of our goals, but we also want to see end-game content, and be able to do so as a guild and on our own terms. We foster PvPers, out in the world, in the battlegrounds, and on the sand of the arena. We quest, we make money, we complete pointless and tedious achievements. In short, we try to do a little of everything.

One thing, however, has not changed, and that is our attitude that we are a family. Whatever we're doing, we do it together, and we have fun doing it that way.

Guild Rules Edit

Begging -- Do not ask strangers for free goods, services or money. It is annoying, uncool, and it tarnishes the Guild as a whole. It will not be tolerated, and believe me, we will find out. I make it a point of reporting every person who begs to their guild-master, and I know I'm not alone. As far as asking guild members for money there are only certain situations in which that will happen.

Furthermore needing money for some blue item, or trinket that you must have is not the guilds responsibility. If you have made friends within the guild who want to lend you money so be it, but we are not your mom or dad, more like the rich uncle who sends you stuff when you least expect it, if he likes you that is.

Ninja Looting -- There will never, ever, ever be any excuse for this that won't get you immediately booted from the guild. I can not emphasize this enough. It doesn't matter if the party you are in is full of Ninja looting neubs who took all your stuff and killed your pet panda. "The enlightened members of Forbidden Lore do not Ninja!"

I will explain what Ninja looting is so that there is absolutely no confusion, saying you didn't know will not be an excuse, so understand this well. Ninja looting is taking or attempting to take things that you are not entitled to receive.

Ninja Looting

  • Looting a chest without rolling with your party to determine who should get it's contents.

o Always wait until all threats are resolved before rolling. Never loot during a battle, it's bad form. o Make sure it is unambiguous what you are rolling for, don't ever roll for no reason or when you see a chest or item. Be clear why you are rolling and what it's for. o If you are going to pass on an item or chest, say so. Make it clear that you are passing. o Do not manipulate the roll, /random 100-100 is not funny, it's not cool, and it's not mature. Don't waste peoples time with fake rolls.

  • Looting a chest that another person or group has spent the time and effort to clear.

o There is nothing less cool than killing off a ton of mobs to have some jerk run up and take the chest you just fought for. o If there is someone else in near proximity who may be attempting to retrieve the chest, negotiate via rolling or whatever means to determine ownership of the chest.

  • Rolling on an item that you were not entitled to.

o Understand the difference between Bind on Equip and Bind on Pickup, if you loot a BoP item that you can't use and someone in the party can, you can expect to be charged with Ninja looting. o It is your responsibility to know the looting rules before you are in a situation that requires them. o Roll on item's that you can actually use. If you roll on a plate item and you can only wear leather you should only be rolling if you have explicit permission to do so. If you already have the item do not roll, let someone else have a chance at it.

  • Changing looting mode or rules without consensus of the party.

o If you are leading a Party you should not ever change the looting rules without prior agreement and consensus.

Even though it's not Ninja looting to roll on everything you are technically entitled to, being a considerate player will get you invited into more groups. More groups means more opportunities to get great loot. Be cool, don't roll on everything you see, roll on the items you need.

Antisocial Behavior -- Don't take advantage of neubies or lowbies. Don't overcharge for things, lie, or attempt auction house scams. Anything that reflects badly on the guild will not be tolerated, you are our representative and ambassador, if you cause us loss of status on the server we are not going to be pleased about it. Don't proselytize your religion or your politics, if you are on a mission to convert the unbelievers to Cathulu or Ralph Nader, find another guild. There is a lot of discussion about using derogatory comments. We are not the most politically correct guild. Refrain from using these types of derogatory terms, especially in public and with non-guild members. If you really hate homosexuals, women or people of ethnicity, we don't need you here. Our first priority is to earn the respect of other guilds and to be the leaders of ethical and fair play, respect that will allow us to be successful and recruit more members to help you succeed as well. I realize many of you may be young and are used to dealing with people your own age. We appreciate players of all ages here and you will be not be judged by your age, but your maturity, so be cool and respect people who may ask you to tone things down.

Officers Edit

Kamarle, Guildmaster 
Guild Leader
Astiroth Assistant Guild Leaders, Mage Class Leader
Phelix, "PvP Leader, Paladin Class Leader"
Aurthorius, "Warrior Class Leader"
Linden, "Priest Class Leader"

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