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Flawed Logic Edit

We are a mature but casual raiding guild with a strict NO DRAMA rule. All issues are expected to be handled in an adult manner and we do not tolerate immature behavior. This ensures our members have an environment that is conducive to having fun.

We do not accept members solely on gear or experience but on personality.

We focus on the entire guild as a whole and do not leave anyone out of the raiding experience who is willing and able to participate.

We do not judge our guild raiding progress on server rankings alone but on the progress of each and every guild member towards being well geared, experienced, and most importantly having fun while in raid.

History Edit

The guild name is new, but the guild is not. "Flawed Logic" is a fresh start for many of our players who have been playing this game for a long, long time. While many of us have known and played alongside each other for quite a while, this guild has been together since May of 2007. After seeing how guilds have been run or have been torn apart throughout our WoW lives, many of our current members set out at that time to make a home for people who enjoy playing the game, raiding and progressing in a casual manner. We've been very successful at making this guild one that the members enjoy and find it an easy fit to both their playstle and lifestyle.

So, why a name change? Very simply, we are who we are and we like what we do. Our old name had a long history that dated back to the beginning of WoW. We no longer wanted to be part of someone else's history but instead, wanted to start making our own history with a name all our own. So here we are. The same guild, same people, same beliefs but with a new name!

Recruiting Edit

We are always looking for good people who need a home regardless of class. If you are looking to join a guild free of drama where you can raid casually, come play with some of the best people on the server! Come check us out and see for yourself what you’ve been missing in a guild!

Our raids Edit

Instances: Naxxramas(10 and 25), Obsidian Sanctum(10 and 25),and Eye of Eternity

Days: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Times: 6:30 - 10:30 server (or later if permitting)

subject to change

Guild progress Edit

10 Man Naxxramas- CLEAR

25 Man Naxxramas ~Plague CLEAR ~Spider CLEAR

10 Man Obsidian Sanctum- CLEAR

25 Man Obsidian Sanctum- CLEAR

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