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First Prophecy, gives its members the unique opportunity to raid high level, end game content, while still preserving a life outside of World of Warcraft. A large portion of our membership have families, jobs and responsibilities.

We have a mature age requirement to join the guild, which ensures that the guild has similar interests and goals.

The First Prophecy, World of Warcraft branch was born March 23rd, 2008 on Hellfire EU. The guild has end game PVE content as its primary focus. To fill out an application goto our website, check if your class is being recruited for then click Apply to Guild. For more information you can contact Smelko, Majeira, Bumpies, Ahrenkul, Twiddleedee or Mawdryn in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

Rothgarn founded First Prophecy on March 27rd, 2008.

Since then the guild has grown and matured with many of its original and core members still present. Smelko is the current Guild Master as Rothgarn has moved on to greater heights.

We have faced down bosses in The Burning Crusade and are now progressing through Wrath. FP had many a good raid in Kara, specially with peeps getting lost in there all time.

We are currently progressing through ICC 25 man as the guilds main priority, but some of our guild members have made great progress through 10 man also.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

-- 25 Man Schedule -- (Mandatory)

-- 10 Man Schedule -- (Optional)

Guild rules Edit

  • Our guild is extremely mature so we have a mandatory over 21 only rule
  • We require 80% raid attendance to remain a full-time raider
  • We have a standby status, with dedicated raids to continue to gear up for the main raid force
  • We do not sustain our members Alts. We have them and do not discourage the use of them in free time, however they should not be used instead of mains in any guild ran events
  • We use DKP for distributing loot on 25 man raids
  • We do not allow mains to PUG raids that are current targets

Our Leadership Edit

If you wish to contact the guild for any reason, please contact the following players:

Smelko, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. If you cannot contact an officer you can talk to me.
Bumpies, In house guild relations 
For guild members that are struggling, crying, emotionally challenged etc.
Ahrenkul, Raidleader extraordinaire 
I think the title says it all - He yells, he gets things done
Twiddleedee, Raidleader 
A master of all classes, he tanks and picks up Ahren's slack Leading :P
Majeira, DKP Master 
Everything you need to know about stats and figures talk to Maj. He holds the key to your dkp! if you miss a raid he knows! Try stay on his happy side :P
Mawdryn, Recruitment and Guild Relations 
If you are a guild leader from another guild with a question or *gasp* complaint,

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