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General InformationEdit

Server: Medivh US Faction: Horde


Guild Colours: Orange and Gold

Recruitment Status: Currently recruiting all Classes.

The Fire's of Heaven guild aims to provide a casual yet structured atmosphere for its members to engage in all aspects of Warcraft. We are founded by adults and as such wish to maintain a mature experience for those who are a part of our family.

We are primarily a PvE guild, but we encourage all of our members to enjoy all facets of the game, so long as they represent FoH in a positive manner. The guild will progress while its members continue to focus on the guilds growth firstly by helping each member to advance. That being our main goal overall, is to assist guildmates acheive their goals together.

Guild ProgressEdit

Our current focus is utilizing the Dungeon Finder to build our emblems and upgrade our gear for eventual ICC raiding. We are also assisting members with class changes so we are prioritizing leveling them to 80 as quickly as possible.

Guild RulesEdit

  • All Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner, first to guildmates, then to the general public.
  • Please feel comfortable with asking for help. Our members are open to helping one another, but please be sensitive that everyone is working on questing, raiding, or some other activity to advance in the game. That said...
  • Respect one another's time. Most of us have lives and some have families, so the time we play may be limited and we are not available at all hours.
  • Discrimination of racial, religeous, sexual, or any other form will no be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the guild. Likewise the guild may have players who are younger, so please keep the language acceptable for all ages.
  • Give guild members preference when crafting, questing, or raiding*. While you are by all rights ok in asking for some reimbursement for items or gear, keeping the resources in the guild (family) is critical in building moreale and loyalty.
  • Reading the Forums is strongly encouraged. At the very least sign up and read the articles and posts. They are a huge means of communicating changes or events in the guild and participation is very important.

For a full listing, check the Guild Rules & Charter on the homepage.

Rank StructureEdit

All members who first join Fires of Heaven and given a temporary Initiate rank. The designation is wholly temporary and they will be promoted to the Recruit rank thereafter.

  • Recruit - These members are fresh to the guild and/or the game. This is a probationary rank to give those members time to get familiar with the guild and how we operate. It is encouraged to visit the guild forums and familiarize oneself with the Charter and Guidelines.
  • Initiate - Once your probationary time has expired and your membership is in full swing you will be promoted to an Initiate. Access to the bank is limited to viewing and donating only. Promotion past this rank is prohibited and one must register on the guild's homepage to be considered for further promotion.
  • Disciple - These are the rank and file of the guild. This is the common rank for most members in the guild who are familiar with the way we work and show a willingness to help and participate with the guild and our regular happenings. A disciple has first withdrawal privileges from the guild bank.
  • Magistrate - A promotion to this rank is determined by the Officers and final approval by the guild leader. The players who are candidate for this rank should show a high level of dedication and loyalty to the guild. Specific roles within the Magistrate rank can exist, such as Raid leaders, class leads, and so on. The ability to change the calendar, invite members and promote them, and even kick members from the guild are all features of the rank. They are in effect sub-officers.
  • Officers - The officer rank is not a position of prestige, but of service. While they are the guiding force of the guild and the direction it takes, they are primarily available to provide support and assistance to the members. They are trusted with the keys of the kingdom and their word is final. Positions are limited and no new officers will be made unless a need occurs and more are necessary to help the guild.

Guild LeadershipEdit

General RelationsEdit

We currently have a standing alliance with the following guild(s):

  • Coming soon

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