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Overview Edit

Fighting Mongooses are a casual, social guild who just happen to have some up and coming raiders within their ranks. To combat the old "level to 70 then leave for a raiding guild" syndrome the guild leader Aelwythe took it upon herself to form the Emerald Dream Small Guild Alliance (SGA) in late 2007. This has been a success so far, with many of the guild members running a lot more instances and finding groups much more easily, and the SGA is currently setting out into Karazhan which is something none of its member guilds would be capable of alone.

Guild Progress Edit

Fighting Mongooses are not and never will be a raiding guild, though a few of our members are dabbling in Karazhan with our guild alliance and there should be progression to report soon.

History Edit

Formed in April 2007 by Aelwythe, who wanted to find people to run the old world instances and raids with, Fighting Mongooses soon discovered that there are not many people genuinely interested in running those places without the prospect of the newer raids also. Thankfully by this point they had also discovered that there was just as much joy to be had from finding real friends in-game and helping each other out, and now months later people who have leveled with the guild are sticking around at 70, despite the lack of raiding, and their roster is becoming more respectable.

The guild rules and officers were recently changed to address the issue of inactive of unhelpful members, and now that things have settled down Fighting Mongooses will be hoping to recruit more wonderful people at their own pace without the pressure to expand that was recently felt by the guild leader and officers.

Guild Rules Edit

Todo: Copy from guild site

Key Contacts Edit

  • Aelwythe - Guild Leader
  • Colbey - Officer
  • Ariyah - Recruitment Officer
  • Gilambesh - Recruitment Officer

Randomness Edit

A lot of the core members of Fighting Mongooses know each other in real life, with some even switching servers to join the guild. This has led to some confusion in the past and resulted in Aelwythe drawing up an actual flow chart, posted to the guild forums, showing who knows who.

There is an obsession with fishing rod duels among the guild. Aelwythe has technically never been beaten (Huadan doesn't count as he had a fishing rod equipped that looked suspiciously like a sword) but she hopes to be soon to get some use out of the relevant guild rank.

The unofficial guild mascot is a cute gnome mage known as Tinie. Tinie has been a member since around a month after Fighting Mongooses was formed, and while she is not one of the most regular players, and doesn't take part in many instances due to having a very busy life, she has nevertheless made an impact on almost everyone in the guild with her general over-enthusiasm for everything (think multiple exclamation marks after every sentence), and we will defend her with our lives if necessary.

The guild's most mysterious member is Gralius. A one-time regular, he now spends his time playing his horde characters in our sister guild Kittens Give Morbo Gas, and yet holds the unique rank of 'The Lorekeeper' within Fighting Mongooses. Who is he? Nobody knows. Well perhaps they do, but keeping the mystery alive is much more fun.

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