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Fighting Crusades is a Pro-Alliance Guild, set on creating a large differentiated Guild. We have PVP groups, PVE Groups, Raid groups, and Old Content groups.

Fighting Crusades was established on Dawnbringer of late 2008. It is dedicated towards progressing the Alliance Faction as a whole. Fighting Crusades is currently recruiting all members, who are applicable, and willing to fight for the cause. To meet with or apply for a position send a mail post to Bighunterman, with your level, Experience, and reason to join.

Guild progress Edit


History Edit

As Dawnbringer sprung on the new server list, it quickly filled. As the server filled, Guilds skyrocketed in the hopes to attract the new community. Bighunterman was one of the first entrepreneurs during the beginning, and hoped to gain positive prospects, the beginning era was considered "Reformation I". The guild grew, but tensions, and disputes separated the guild, splitting it in half from the Loyalist, from the Rebels. The guild broke up after the civil war, many remained as remnants of the former guild.

In mid-2010 Fighting Crusades attempted to re-establish the guild, with the few loyalist that stayed, this was considered "Reformation II". Bighunterman hoped to re-establish the guild for Cataclysm, but was unable to create a guild as successful as before. The guild was then shut and put-inactive.

In early September of 2012, Bighunterman once again attempted to establish a reformed guild, pre-release of Mists of Pandaria to once again Aid the progression of the Alliance, and create a communal home for all to reside. "Reformation III" is still in progress.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

-In production as of 9/22/2012

  • Monday, 8:00 PM Server - N/A
  • Tuesday, 8:00 PM Server - N/A
  • Thursday, 8:00 PM Server - N/A
  • Saturday, 2:00 PM Server - N/A

Guild rules Edit

  • Play fair, and be hospitable towards others.

Officers Edit

Bighunterman, Crusader Lord 
Guild leader. Contact questions/concerns regarding the guild.
Ganksforfunz, CO-GM 
Raid Master, any questions or concerns can be directed to him.
Clouf, CO-GM 
Bighunterman's right hand man, eager and ready to help anyone who needs it.

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