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General Edit

Alliance 32 Server:Aerie Peak Europe


Family Ties was formed on 13th November 2006 when we decided to fold our previous guild Azhrei on Deathwing due to the insane amount of ganking going on.

As the name suggest we are a family run guild as most of our family plays and we invited our friends as well .

We are best described as a casual guild as we arent hell bent on chasing end bosses . We just enjoy our game .

We are always open to new members regardless of class or level and welcome applications either in game or through our website application .

Our Guild operates a strict Fair Trade policy, More details of this on our guildsite .

Family Ties is headed up by our Guildmistress Huntaria (70 Night Elf Hunter) and ably assisted by her real life husband Ardman (70 Human Paladin) and her brother Labmag (70 Gnome Mage) . Sanity checks are provided by Cawie (70 Gnome Mage), Tootie (70 Gnome Mage) and Mizer (70 Night Elf Druid). Well that was the plan lol . We think the magai have been at the arcane dust ......

If you enjoy a nice relaxed game and enjoy it and need a guild then come and find us .

Many thanks for reading this page and listening to our waffle .

Huntaria,Ardman and assorted Magai !