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In the early beginning an army of loyal knights sworn to defend the boundaries of the Alliance territory was formed.

Behind the leadership of this massive army stood one tainted by greed and deceit.

The tainted leader broke the pact, belittled his closest officers and disappeared with all of the donated gold.

The pact was shattered and all the knights were betrayed and lost without a cause.

Raised from the ashes of the old, a few loyal knights united once again to become the Fallen Heroes.

Fallen HeroesEdit


Alliance 15 Fallen Heroes is a guild on the US Server Misha. It was created in January of 2007 after the guild Knights of the Alliance was disbanded by a greedy and deceiving leader. The original officers and a few members of Knights of the Alliance came together to form the Fallen Heroes.

The guild is among the top guilds on the server in terms of end-game progression. The guild has the Alliance side first for the killing of Zul'jin in the newly released raid zone Zul'aman. Most of the core members consider themselves casual raiders. They have worked their way past Magtheridon's Lair and are currently working on The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern with Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair on farm status.

Fallen Heroes uses a DKP system for all 25 Man raids. Raid composition is based on who is online the night of the raid. The raid leader forms the initial group and everyone else is put on standby. DKP is awarded for standby as well as raiding.

Fallen Heroes is also fairly active in PVP. They have successfully organized raids of Undercity and Orgrimmar and have downed Sylvanas and Thrall. Neither end-game PVE nor end-game PVP is required from members. All are done on a voluntary basis.

Knights of the AllianceEdit

Fallen Heroes was originally known as Knights of the Alliance. It was chartered the very day Misha opened up. With Dreammaxx as guild leader, Knights of the Alliance was arguably one of the largest guilds on the server. It had well over 500 members by mid December. This guild lasted until early January of 2007 when it dissolved due to corrupt leaders (see The Betrayal).

Raid AccomplishmentsEdit

BC Raids Edit

Sorted by appropriate difficulty rating.
Instance Status Dates (Start-Finish)
Black Temple TBD TBD
Hyjal Summit TBD TBD
Serpentshrine Cavern 5/6 01/27/2008
Tempest Keep 3/4 12/15/2007
Zul'aman Farm 11/17/2007 - 11/21/2007 Misha Alliance First
Magtheridon's Lair Farm Completed 12/02/2007
Gruul's Lair Farm 09/01/07 - 09/09/2007
Karazhan Farm Completed 08/01/07

World Bosses:

11-24-07: Doomwalker Defeated

Pre-BC Raids Edit

This guild was created Post-BC but still occasionally runs the old raid instances. Many of its members have downed Onyxia, and all of the Green Dragons. Zul'gurub is also on farm status.

The BetrayalEdit

The fall of Knights of the Alliance came as a result of corrupt leadership. With well over 500 members, the guild had stored a large amount of items and gold. The guild leader Dreammaxx, tempted by the wealth he had accumulated disbanded the guild and left with everything.

After the betrayal, former Knights of the Alliance member Jamesp signed the charter for Fallen Heroes. Within 2 hours of the creation of Fallen Heroes, there were well over 100 members. A week after the creation of Fallen Heroes, Jamesp passed the leadership of the guild over to Grisha.

Remaining OfficersEdit

Sorted by Rank.
Game Name Guild Rank Current Status Fallen Heroes
Grisha Guild Leader Active (Raiding) Yes (GM)
Jamesp GM Active Yes
Anubiz GM Active Yes
Cosmo GM Active Yes
Telgar GM Active Yes
Kuriantria GM Active Yes


Fallen Heroes is currently recruiting. Please visit the guild website for more information.

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