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About usEdit

Facta non Verba is a fairly small raiding guild, primarily aimed at people who don't want to raid 5 times per week and 4 hours per night. We currently have 3 official raidnights (Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) but we often do guildpugs on the offnights. We raid for 2-3 hours per raidnight.

We do not penalize low raiding attendancy, but of course encourage high attendancy


Most of us broke out of Disciples of Doom, because we thought that it was impractical to have a social guild attitude when raiding. Raiding is about having fun, but we have no patience with immature slackers, and expect our members to show up prepared with enchants and consumables.


We have cleared Naxx10, Obsidian10 and Obsidian25 and are progressing through Naxx 25 where we currently have Spider and Plague wings down, as well as Patchwerk and Grobbulus down.


We do NOT recruit random people. Best way, or only way, to get into our guild is to get to know one of our members and getting recommended. We do fast progress, despite our low raidtimes, so we don't want to take in just anyone as a trial and "see if they stick". Personality is still the most important factor for us when we consider new members, though.

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