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FaTE Progression Edit

FaTE is an Server:Arthas US Alliance Guild that is Active in Group pvp through the battle grounds and extremely active PvE(Player versus Environment).
FaTE is lead by a Human Paladin known as "Loumineti" and a series of officers that have great leadership and are extremely committed.
FaTE's Guild website is
(I'm sure there are misspellings and such I really don't care though)
(I don't know dates yet i can get them soon though we have most of them stashed away in our archives; the only date that matters is that Complication joined the guild on 04/2005. He is our dadddy. We love him.)

Boss +(killed) -(not killed)

40 ManEdit


Kazzak +
Azuregoes +
Onyxia +
Ysondre +
Taerar +
Lethon +
Emeriss +
Whirlaxis +
Kazum +
Skwol +
Skaldrenox +

Molten Core

Lucifron +
Magmadar +
Gehennas +
Garr +
Baron Geddon +
Shazzrah +
Sulfuron +
Gollemag +
Major Domo +
Ragnaros +

Blackwing Lair

Razorgore +
Vaelastraz +
Broodlord +
Firemaw +
Ebonroc +
Flamegor +
Chromaggus +
Nefarian +

Ahn Qiraj

Skeram +
Vem,Kri,Yaum -
Sartura +
Fankriss +
Viscidious -
Huhuran +
The Twin Emperors -
Ouro -
C'Thun -


        • Abomination Wing

Patchwerk -
Grobbulus -
Gluth -
Thaddius -

        • Deathknight Wing

Razuvious -
Gothik -
Thane Kor'Thazz -
Lady Blaumeux -
Highlord Mograine -
Sir Zeliex -

        • Necromancer Wing

Noth -
Heingan -
Loatheb -

        • Spider Wing

Anub'Rekhan -
Faerlina -
Maexnna -

        • Main Bosses

Sapphiron -
Kel'Thuzad -

20 Man Edit

Ruins of Ahn Qiraj

Kurinaxx +
Rajaxx +
Moam +
Buru +
Arimus +
Ossiran +

Zul Gurub

Bat Boss +
Spider Boss +
Snake Boss +
Raptor Boss +
Tiger Boss +
Panther Boss +
Fishing Boss +
Jin'do +
Hakkar +

I will update this more as we progress

(This is accurate to the best of my knowledge I may be missing bosses or other mistakes but i think its pretty solid)

Can you remember to wear your Onyxia Scale Cloak?

Then FaTE wants you! FaTe is officially recruiting!

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