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F O R C E is a rising guild that is friendly, flexible, social, sharing and supportive on Borean Tundra (US).

F O R C E had erupted itself on April 24, 2009. It is dedicated towards F O R C E members by helping them in every way possible. It also helps players outside F O R C E. Its aim is to enrich the F O R C E members' WoW experience. It supports only mature and active members only. F O R C E is not only casual guild but it is also a raiding ones. You can apply here.

Current Events Edit

FORCE Friday's Lotto: Every Monday-Friday. Lotto rolled every Friday at 9:00pm realm time.

More Updated One

Our Existence Edit

F O R C E was created by Alians when he realized that questing for alternate characters was boring, when questing alone. Thus, the idea of faithful group-questing (in particular for alternative characters) was the theme to F O R C E. However, the scheme required commitment and faith between group members, which was little impractical. Being flexible, we are trying to bring several new schemes/ways through which FORCE members can enjoy their experience. F O R C E has grown stronger with time incorporating many high spirit players.

Our Mission Edit

To enrich the WoW experience by helping guild members in various ways such as group questing, dungeon questing, wonderful events, rewards and even raids.

Our Requirements Edit

General Requirements
  • Members must be friendly, flexible, supportive, sharing and social.
    • Use of abusive language (in any terms including ethical, religious, racial, minorities etc.) are strictly not accepted in the guild chat as well as guild website. Members will be warned couple of times; continuation of such acts will eventually result in the removal from the guild and blacklisted from our guild.
    • Use of violent/aggressive language is not encouraged. Members will be asked to be more polite. However, guild master and other officers have whole rights to remove member on receiving continuous complaints against such players.
    • We take great pride in calling ourselves members of F O R C E. We ask our members to create a good reputation with other non-guild members by communicating with them same way as with our guild members.
  • Members must be active
    • We require members of F O R C E to more active by coming online more often.
    • We require members of F O R C E to be helping other members & providing social interactions.
    • We require members of F O R C E to participate in our guild events.
    • Apart, we understand this is multi-player online gaming interface. Every member has their personal, social and work life outside WoW. Thus, we do understand certain level of inactivity. On the other hand, we encourage members to consider their real-life as a priority and consider WoW to moderate level.
  • Members must be mature
    • Members must be mature enough to act in appropriate ways.
    • Although we don't have restriction on age limit, we require members to be mature enough that they don't create nuisance to other guild members. On certain level of nuisance, members will be warned and can be eventually removed from the guild.

Technical Requirements
  • Member must be able to download WoW addon "GuildAds" to their interface. This addon will allow to share infomration regarding their professional skills with item they can create, talents, character info and reputuation. It will also allowing sharing of their quest log, thus allow group-questing between members of F O R C E. It also provide forums where you will be able to find or post information regarding guild. However, we do not take any responsibility for any legal action taken by Blizzard or any other company/individual for using addon. Click here to find download website and click here to find installation guide.
  • Members might be asked to install any other addons as per need. Remember, we are looking forward to enrich the WoW experience.

Our Rules Edit

F O R C E has its own rules which can be seen only on joining us.

Our Recruiting Edit

F O R C E is currently accepting all classes with level 20+ who are fulfill our requirements. Apply Here

Our Administration Edit

The Ultimate (Guildmaster): Alians/Alianspali/Aliansrogue

Enforcers: Kirant/Kabalas

Enforcers: Lindlam/Zacharydavis

Enforcers: Loreignmith

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