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About Us Edit

Established in 2005, FX is a casual Alliance 15alliance guild with a friendly atmosphere. We have a rich history involving raiding, PvP, questing, and laughs. Icecrown US server. Our pinnacle occurred in the Burning Crusade expansion, during the Black Temple/Mount Hyjal campaigns, when we took the #3 Alliance (#5 on the server) slot in terms of progression.

During the release of WoTLK, most of the more raid-oriented members left FX to reform as 'Caustic' - a guild much the same as FX, but a far more rigid, progression-minded environment. FX founders remained with FX. FX and Caustic have maintained friendly relations, sometimes using each other's alts to fill vacant raid spots.

FX raided actively throughout WoTLK, but opted not to pursue raiding in Cataclysm. During the days of late WoTLK/early Cata, FX was again divided, this time those that left reformed under the name 'FoV'

Those of us that remain in FX are the original founders. We're small and we like it that way. We're currently enjoying the new content in Legion.

If you're a friend of a member, or an ex-member looking for a familiar playing environment, or even a new face in search of mature guildmates, feel free to contact Ht, Mickluke, Sparkie, or Supertex in game. If you're a drama queen or an ego-monster, please don't waste our time.

Links Edit

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