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Exsul is a semi-hardcore PvE and PvP guild which formed on Burning Legion by bunch of highly active and dedicated group of hardcore players which used to raid together since start of The Burning Crusade and most of them played since the launch of World of Warcraft.

With Cataclysm, Exsul focused on endgame 10 Man Progress as PvE Squad, Rated Battlegrounds, Arena as PvP Squad and Guild Achievements as Social Squad.

Exsul recruit only active players with game experience. Application Form

Exsul Guild Media News Edit

History Edit

Exsul formed as an Endgame Progress Guild from PvE-inclined guild Doomed by Core Raiders at Cataclysm. Which has been the top ranked Alliance international guild since the start of The Burning Crusade on Burning Legion for the past years.

Exsuls experience with playing 10man as a team started with the launch of Zul'Aman and their first success in making timed run and continue with many other server firsts even despite fact 10 Man wasn't priority. Exsul never sacrificed any team member due encounter push to use specific classes.

Past 10 Man Achievement Rank: World 54 / Eu 38 *(During focused on 25Man progress)

Server First

Halion Heroic -Jul 2, 2010 00:40- World: 83 Eu: 63

The Twilight Zone Eu: 80

The Undying Eu: 81

Herald of the Titans

Professor Putricide Heroic

Sindragosa Heroic

Earth, Wind and Fire

Glory of the Raider

You Don't Have An Eternity


Server Second:

Alone in the Darkness Eu: 74

He Feeds On Your Tears

Server Third:

A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity

Exsul done every kind of PvE achievement on time, include non-meta: Shadowdodger, Shocking! Supermassive, If Looks Could Kill, The Traitor King and many others.

Exsul players past 25 man progress:

Nightbane: 29

Gruul the Dragonkiller World: 41

Lady Vashj World: 98

Server First: Glory of the Raider

Server First: The Immortal

More detail can be found at Wowprogress, Guildox, Armory under old Guild name Doomed.

Exsul Guild Project Edit

Exsul officers wished to create a guild with several level of progress ideas and game-play opportunities. While creating project, one of priority was offering to the players oldshool atmosphere in highly activite hardcore guild.

Exsul built from 2 parts - PvE and PvP. Both parts have their own rules and Leadership.

Exsul PvP squad formed by high rated, old Burning Legion PvPers and PvE squad formed by small teams as full 10 Man packs -under common banner- with their own in-team rules, leadership and chat channel.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

A: %100 Att up to 6-7 day late hour raiding: 18.45-01.00 Progress Rush Team -Progress Teams-

B: %90 Att up to 4-5 day standard hour raiding: 19.00-23.00 Raider Team, Late Night Team -Stable raiding teams-

C: Spontane Att up to 2-3 day: 19.00-23.00 Semi-Raider, Reserve, and Weekend Team -Flexible teams-.

D: Full Pack PvE Teams with their own in-team leadership, rules and raiding schelude Fire of Dune Team, Phat Banana Team

E: Full Pack PvP Teams with their own in-team leadership, rules and premade schelude -Not related with Guild Management-

Guild Progress Edit


  • Bastion of Twilight Heroic 2/5
  • Blackwing Descent Heroic 5/6
  • Throne of the Four Winds Heroic 2/2 - cleared
  • Normal Mode: 12/12

Wrath of the Lich King

  • Icecrown Citadel Heroic - cleared
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader - cleared
  • Ulduar Heroic - cleared
  • Obsidian Sanctum Heroic - cleared
  • Eye of Eternity - cleared
  • Naxxramas Heroic - cleared
  • Eye of Eternity Heroic - cleared
  • Onyxia's Lair - cleared

The Burning Crusade

  • Sunwell Plateau - lvl 70 cleared
  • Zul'Aman - cleared
  • Black Temple - cleared
  • Hyjal Summit - cleared
  • Tempest Keep - cleared
  • Serpentshrine Cavern - cleared
  • Magtheridon's Lair - cleared
  • Gruul's Lair - cleared
  • Karazhan - cleared

World of Warcraft

Guild Feats of Strength Edit

Realm First! Working as a Team

Guild Achievements Edit


Guild Information Edit

Guild Name: Exsul

Server: Burning Legion -EU- PVP

Faction: Alliance

Guild Type: - Hardcore - Endgame PVE 10 Man Guild + Hardcore PVP activity

Nationality: International

Current PvE Status: 12/12 N - 9/13 H

Progress Raid Schedule: Up to 7 days: 18.45-01.00 On Farm Status: 1-3 days

Guild URL:

Guild created on: 03.10.2010

Guild Goal: Clearing content before it gets nerfed as server first.

RP Policy: N/A

Leading and Management: Team Work

Contacts PvE: Nykhaos Hatred Dhakar Colander Nimh

Contacts PvP: Xanise Grzmocik

10 man Teams by Attendance and Progress Type:

A: Progress Rush Team

B: Raider Team, Late Night Team

C: Semi-Raider Team, Reserve Team, Social Team, Weekend Team

D: Full 10man pack teams with their own leadership, rules and raiding schelude

E: Full PvP teams with their own leadership, rules and premade schelude

Raid Slots: Minimum rotation


Rated Battleground Premades: +

Arena Teams: +

World PvP Activity: +

Recruitment: -OPEN-

How to join: Vouch/vote by Core Members

Trial period: Up to 1 month.

Loot Type: Roll

Ventrilo and Mic: Required

Rank Description Edit

  • Guild Master: N/A
  • Core: Management and Project Team
  • Team Leader: PvE and PvP Team Leaders with Officer chat and recruitment access for manage their own team.
  • Veteran: Old, well known, trustable players with their attendance, dedication, extra efford, high activity and strong connection with guild.
  • Raider: Stable raiders which are currently actively playing at specific teams.
  • PvP: Old, well known, high rating/title PvP players which are recruiting only by PvP Team Leaders and strong PvP player vouchs.
  • Social: Old well known but currently inactive PvE and PvP players OR deadly active achievement monsters which are working on Guild Achievements.
  • Alt: Active players proper played active alts OR profession alts for Guild Achievements
  • Trial: Active PvE and PvP trials which need to prove them self before get their Member promote OR personal reserves which will remove at some point if they cant build visible relation with Guild by joining Guild Activities. -Recommended: Use your trial period smartly-
  • MuteQQ: -No access to guild chat-

Player Note Description Edit

By Teams:

  • -PR- Progress Rush Team Player
  • -P- Progress Team Player
  • -R- Raider Team Player
  • -LN- Late Night Raiding Team Player
  • -SR- Semi Raider Team Player
  • -FoD- Fire of Dune Team Player
  • -PB- Phat Banana Team Player
  • -Rbg- Rated Battleground Premade Team Player
  • -Ar- Arena Player

Unasigned Players:

  • -Re- Reserve
  • -S- Social
  • -C- Farmer
  • -A- Alt
  • -PvpE- Semi pve+pvp
  • -PvP-
  • -PvE-

Player Rotations and Genaral Rules Edit

  • Each type of team can use only related player pool.

Progress Rush Team able to use AB type player pool during Progress with giving own equal role player to related team -if encounter require specific class set up- for bring First Kill to the Guild. After server/first kill, all teams open to flexible rotations if players wish.

  • Players -which assigned to one of specific A,B,C or D type team- can not be invited/join other raids randomly, without get confirmation from related Team Leaders.
  • Each team have their own Raiding Schelude. Team Leaders responsible from announce raids and inform team members at Calendar or Forum. Players -which didn't state their status- will lose their priority on raid spot over stated one. No excuse accepted.

Players which fail to follow/use these tools will be removed from related player pool and replaced for future weeks.

  • Any player -which stated will join raid or didn't state anything and- fail to come online at seted raid hour or go offline before raid end without inform Team Leader earlier will be removed from related player pool and replaced for future weeks.

Players have to add their contacts and get their Team Leaders contact info. No 'next day excuses' accepted.

  • Team Leaders responsible from team only recruitments with using their guild invite permission.

Every official 10man raid have to form from minimum 8 Guild Member. Feel free to suggest invite players or change guild.

  • Team Leaders responsible from make fair rotation between assigned team players only if players has %100 attendance.

If you cant cope seted 'team raiding schelude' this means you are in more hardcore team than you are able to play. Inform guild management for change your team. Recommended: Post daily raid SS or WOL report for keep your own teams attendance archive.

  • Team members have to come raids with tactically prepared and use consumables with following Team Leaders orders. Any player who fail on these during progres, will be replaced by Team Leaders decision.
  • If team has been seted for specific instance/boss by PvE Management, target cant be changed/passed randomly without inform Nykhaos or Hatred. A,B and D type teams will have seted specific intance/boss till heroic first clear.
  • Each team has their own Loot Rules. Team Leaders responsible from give info about Team Rules to newly joined players at the start of raid.

BoE items will Raid Roll or stocked at Guild Bank by Team Leaders own decision. Team members free to check guild bank logs and inform guild management if anything wrong.

  • If you have any problem, contact with your Team Leaders first. If you cant solve issue with them then contact with Cores.

Any player who skip Team Leader step or written Rules, will be ignored by cores during Progress.

Team Leaders and Genaral Rules Edit


  • A Rush Progress Team: Team Work - up to 7 days
  • B Raider Team: Mephalla - 5 days
  • B Late Hour Team: Keepmovinn - 4 days
  • C Semi-Raider Team: Xaal - 3 days
  • D Other PvE Team: FoD - Kanrei 4 days
  • D Other PvE Team: Phat Banana - Joanne 4 days
  • E Rated Battleground Team: Grzmocik -Not related with pve management -
  • E Arena Team: Xanise -Not related with pve management-

Team Management

Everything open to change since Exsul never stop recruiting. Any player who show better/weaker performance/attendance can move to another team during progres. (which will fit best to team and player)

Teams seted with putting player attendance, reliability, raiding hour limits and organising+leading abilities at first place.

Teams can raid more than seted days/hours IF team up to it. During progress AB type teams can NOT raid less than seted days. Stable raiding and %100 attendance must.

C type teams can upgrade to B type team after show min 4 days stable progressive performance. Any team which has problem with stable raiding can merge with other team by guild managements decision.

Each AB teams one of Leader will have Recruitment Permission, Officer Forum/Chat Guild Event creation and Google Wave Project page access for make communication and organisation easier.

All Team Leaders have to add their sms and msn to contact topic at forum.


At 10man raiding everything depends to be a 'Team'. Team Leaders have required tools for work on it. When expansion hit every team leader alone at keeping team ready and stable. During progress (up to last boss first kill) team leaders wont get any help from other team leaders.

Expantion rules

For first week who ever hit max lvl earlier will gain spot at first week mixed raids.

  • Players who fail to lvl up to max lvl at first week will lose their team slot priority and may demote to social/trial rank, up to guild kick at future weeks.
  • Teams responsible from share encounter tactic information with other teams at forum with links, WoL logs and own made movies.

Progress Planning

  • Every team -which cleared all encounter on normal mode- will be assigned to a specific unkilled boss (by other teams/guild) for heroic difficulty at their next reset.
  • Bosses will be grouped as pack which are close in diffuculty.
  • Every team will be assigned to one target which suits them best for given moment after team lead and pve management discuss on it.
  • Every team -after killing their priority boss- will be free to pick one unassigned boss from pack of bosses till all bosses dead at that pack.
  • After all bosses are defeated by guild at the first pack every team will be free to clear already killed ones
  • Picked boss wont be killed on normal mode randomly till the very last days of reset -without inform other teams-. (since other teams trusting that will be down by specific team with skiping/leaving it to that team) There are 3 instance if team cant go assigned boss for that day due set up.
  • If assigned boss is killed at current reset, team might decide use rest of the week to practise on already defeated boss, also if any team has problem with assigned boss, Team leader and Cores will discuss on changing assignments or putting additional team to that boss

Guild Invite and Promote Rules

PvP players totally different department and pvp rank only for known high rated pvp title owner experienced pure pvp players.

PvE Team leaders will keep their recruitments as trial/raider rank and they do not make any PvP recruitment without ask for it to PvP Team Leaders.

Team Leaders will use these methods and rules during Team Only Recruitments:

  • Creating Post at related Sites:

Burning Legion Forum Recruitment Topic

Blizz Recruitment Topic

Guild Forum Recruitment Topic

  • Checking Looking For Guild Sites:

Wow Lemmings

Looking for Guild


  • Informing Guild Officers for update recruitment status on related areas with admin rights

Wowprogress Wowtrack Guild Message Of The Day

  • Informing guild members with using Guild Chat and Guild Announcement
  • Informing other Team Leaders, own Team Members and contacts on servers other guilds.

Any kind of Trade Chanel advertisement/recruitment not allowed with using Exsul name.

Team leaders will keep language English during all kind of Public advertisement/recruitment since Exsul International guild and want known as International Guild.

Officers (Cores) Edit

Hatred -Raid Leader-

Nykhaos -Organisation-







Guild Managment Departments Edit

  • Recruitment Team: Hatred Nykhaos

Plans recruitment and collects information about player/team. Teams Leaders and Cores discuss on gathered information.

  • Progress Planner Team: Hatred Nimh Nykhaos Colander Skippler Elementz Kanrei

Plans and leads 'which team will progress on which boss with priority or which boss should killed normal mode to access more rank rewarding one faster' kind of critical decisions.

Progress Rush Team: Harder Bosses

Separate Team: Medium Bosses

Raider Team: Farm Bosses

Semi-Raider Team: PvE achievements on Normal Mode

Social Team: Non raiding PvE achievements and guild achievements

  • Encounter Pre Tactic Team: Nimh Dartu Colander Hatred Skippler Elementz Kanrei

Makes research and create pre-tactics for guild.

After testing end on boss will discuss on sources -combat report and movie- for assist other teams and analize encounter for improve tactic

  • Guild Achievement Management Team: Colander Hatred

research, planning and organizing fast guild lvling

  • Player Performance Check: Hatred Nykhaos Colander

Discussion about players performance for improve progress.

  • Teams, Roster and Player Rotation: Hatred Nykhaos

Plans raid rotations and improves roster

  • Member Related Issues: Nykhaos Colander Hatred

informs / solves member related issues

Management Related Issues Hatred Nimh Dartu Nykhaos Colander Dhakar Skippler Elementz

Discusses and improves any weak/wrong/broken part of management departmant

  • Future Plans: Hatred Nimh Nykhaos Colander Elementz Kanrei

Plans incoming encounter preparation

  • Forum Management: Reptile, Nimh

Forum related issues and suggestions

  • Site Design: Nimh Reptile Skibbu

site related issues, ideas and suggestions. Also archiving data, taking back up.

  • Dkp / Attendance Record: Nimh

Archives attendance history and WoL logs

  • Advertisement: Hatred, Nimh, Nykhaos

Creates guild space at related areas and keeps guild progress updated on them.

  • Organization: Nykhaos Hatred

Will keep separate parts together in work as planed.

  • Guild Bank Management: Hatred

Organizes mats for progress and guild achievement -without buying rice with members gold-.

Cores will use / follow:

Daily News! section for inform others about guild management / ingame related news

To do List section for add guild management / ingame related to DOs

Eureka! section for share guild management / ingame related ideas

Guild Recruitment Edit


Decent experience for raiding

PvE min: Wotlk Hard modes (level 60/70 raiding experience will be huge bonus)

PvP: High PvP experience and activity, rating. (Old PvP titles will be huge bonus)

Stable and reliable raid attendance. (Being able to cope with one of the raiding schedule mentioned below)

10 man Teams by Attendance and Progress Type:

A Progres Rush, Progres / B Raider, Late Night / C Semi-Raider, Weekend / D Full pack 10man Team / E PvP Department

  • A %100 Attendance Endgame: Progress Rush Team, Progress Team

During Progress 7 days up to late hours.

On farm 1-3 days up to 23.00

These teams for endgame hardcore pve players with no time limit.

Rotations will be done by putting fast progress idea to first place at

This doesn't mean we will balance every 10 man team. No requests allowed.

  • B %90 Attendance Farm: Raider Team, Late Night Team

During Progress 4 days till 00.00.

On farm 1 day up to 23.00

These teams for limited time oldshool pve and pvp players. Leaded by seted organisers with a raiding schelude.

  • C Spontane Attendance: Social Team, Weekend Team Flexible teams.

They are related with guild management as our 'semi' parts. Achievement and Gdkp runs enter under this group also.

  • D Full pack 10man Teams -Not related with guild management-

These teams will have their own leadership, rules and raiding schelude. They share guild achievements with us under same guild tag.

  • E PvP Department - Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, World PvP -Not related with PvE department-

PvP players -if they wish- able to join Semi-PvE activities under PvPE Teams


• Attendance: %100 stable and reliable raid attendance (being able to cope with one of the raiding schedules).

• Gear: Proper gear/spec/gem/enc/glyph for raiding on hard modes or high rating arena/rated battleground.

• Extensive knowledge of your class and in-game mechanics and being able to use your knowledge with your skills.

• Being tactically well prepared for every raid, bringing a lot of consumables and using them.

• Able to use and speak on Ventrilo.

• Stable connection (disconnects will not be tolerated).

• Showing you care your char but also being Team Player.

• Discipline, motivation and dedication during progress.

• And last, but not least: knowing how to have fun and enjoy the game.

Basically, we're looking for long-term members sharing our views on end-game raiding. If your goal ingame is to raid with high skilled and dedicated players, here we have guild for you!

Apply only if you are active dedicated player with full PvE / PvP experience

Exceptions: If you are well known old player at server which gave a break during WOTLK and you are planning to play active PvE or PvP with Cataclysm you have a chance to get invite still.

Recruitment Details

  • About PvE Players

High endgame PvE experience, activity and achievements (level 60, 70 raiding experience and level 80 hard mode experience will be a huge bonus).Min 5/12 Heroic mode experience on current encounter, min 10 Man Normal mode gear with latest gems and enchants

  • About Tanks -CLOSED-

Here is a hard trial test period waiting for you.We are waiting from you to have end game gear experience skill and in addition - fast adaptation, good coordination with our tanks. So if you aren't a team player don't bother.

  • About Healers -OPEN-

You should play your off spec as good as healer.

  • About DPSers -CLOSED-

Since we have too many at the moment basically you need to show that u can beat our dpsers with your knowledge, survivebility and skill. Do not apply without WWS report.

  • About PvP Players

If you have a strong PvP voucher, you can bring your PvP team together with you.

High endgame PvP experience, activity and rating (old PvP titles will be a huge bonus).

Min: 2000+ Battleground Rating or 2400+ Arena Rating or strong PvP voucher

  • Reserve spot open for only well known old BL players
  • Social spot open for only vouched achievement hores

Cross Realm Applications

  • Do not apply without detailed WWS/WMO report
  • Be extremely honest about following assets for your application:

Connection / Playability Being able to use mic Experience / Skill Played / Play times In game goals

Related Links Edit

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