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Exiles is a remake of the old guild on Shattered Hand by the same name which focuses on PvE raids, while still doing it's best not to endanger the fun. This is not the guild you're looking for if you favor a '50 minus dkp' atmosphere. Loot is but the icing of the cake, raids should be organized but remain fun. To apply for Exiles, please visit the fora.

Overview Edit

Blahblah can't be bothered writing everything down.

Guild Progress in TBC Edit

History Edit

The first Exiles guild was founded somewhere around May 2004, after several people progressed to lvl 60 and fancied Molten Core. Exiles was fast to kill Ragnaros and clear BWL later. The guild lasted until a severe lack of priests and other support players halted raid operations in Ahn'Qiraj at Huhuran around May 2006. The guild was refounded recently by Aart in order to play Burning Crusade with a few ex-exiles members and relive the atmosphere.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Raiding hours usually 20:00-23:00. Friday is day off, explore that 'social life' "outside" some players dare to talk about. Karazhan usually Saturday.

Guild Rules Edit

  • We use a SK system for loot which ensures less hassle while avoiding all the negative aspects of DKP such as extreme competition. If you merely the play the game for loot we have no desire for you to join. Our view is that loot is merely the icing of the cake to continue forward, raiding has to be fun.

Officers Edit

Desire in joining should be expressed in making an application on the forums. Please follow the guidelines from one of the stickies in Recruitment forum. The following officers can always be contacted for anymore information pertaining to Exiles.

Filie, Guild Master 
Likes voodoo.
Ryuzaki, Council 
Is known to have a nervous breakthrough when contacted with 'swe?' or phrases that are hardly English.
Kalec, Council 
MT. Insert witty line.

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