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Ex Cinis is an established Horde guild on the realm Gorgonnash that rose from the ashes on August 30th, 2006. Many of our core members are ex-Alliance, long-time gamers and friends. We aspire to balance good times and solidarity with express attention to and execution of raiding. We like nothing more then to have fun leveling our characters and wreaking havoc in the battlegrounds. We participate in a lot of PvP as well as instance runs and group questing. While we may at times appear to be a boisterous bunch, we are in fact honorable, highly skilled, dedicated, responsible, and reliable players whom not only play well as a team, but also individually or in situations with others outside our guild.

The intent of Ex Cinis is to be a casual raiding guild with adult players (18 and over**).

Guild Progress Edit


Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

25 man raids are Tue/Thu/Sun at 6:00 server. 10 man raids are run on an ad-hoc basis

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a semi-casual, semi-hardcore raiding guild. Attendance is not mandatory, but raid spots are allocated with preference for regular members.
  • This guild is for adults (18+) only, or minors mature enough to fake out the officers during the interview process.

Officers Edit

Cerblade, Guildmaster
Skullcrak, Officer
Ciann, Officer
Theolin, Officer
lmlach, Officer
Infierno, Officer
Nimeria, Officer (Retired)

Class LeadersEdit

Grinal, Druid
Kaas, Senses Hunter
Lustology, Paladin
Executioner, Rogue
Mistik, Mage

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