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Guild Summary Edit

Eternal Descent is a casual PvE raiding guild on the Icecrown server. We raid all 25 man content that is within our reach. On our off raid nights we will run 10-man content and pvp to fill the gaps. We are always accepting applications on our website. Even if we are not currently looking for your specific class we will always consider applications that stand out to us.

Raid Schedule Edit

  • Monday - Off
  • Tuesday - 7:00PM Server Time
  • Wednesday - 7:00PM Server Time
  • Thursday - 7:00PM Server Time
  • Friday - Off
  • Sauturday - Off
  • Sunday - Off

Loot Edit

We use a loot council system to give out loot during our raids. We base our decisions on raid attendance, performance and how much of an upgrade the item is for the individual. We do our best to keep things fair while progressing the raid as much as we can. Applicants need to know that as a new member, you will not always get loot, but we will make sure that (with participation on your part) you will get your fair share.

Guild Contacts Edit

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our leaders in game:

  • Denglion - Guild Leader
  • Gahllen - Guild Leader
  • Mazoul - Officer
  • Orrius - Officer
  • Xandarthe - Officer
  • Ambreal - Officer

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