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Epoch, dictionary definition:

"A period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy, containing new advances and great change"

The Epoch guild was formed on Bronze Dragonflight EU in mid 2008 and is dedicated towards end game PvE raiding.
Visit the recruitment page to apply to become a member of Epoch.
For more information you can contact Madmeg, Centorious or Qualid in game.

WotLK raid progress Edit

Naxxramas The Obsidian Sanctum Eye of Eternity Vault of Archavon
10-man 15/15 1/1 + 3D 1/1 1/1
25-man 15/15 1/1 + 3D 1/1 1/1

History Edit

Epoch is an end game PvE raiding-guild on the Bronze Dragonflight EU server, initiated in mid 2008 by a bunch of friends, previously playing in another guild, that decided they wanted to take things to the next level. Although they do not consider themselves a hardcore raiding guild they are very serious about raiding. The only thing that differ Epoch from a hardcore guild is the number of raids each week.

During the few remaining months of The Burning Crusade when Epoch was formed, until patch 3.0.2 was introduced, the guild managed to progress far into the end game, raiding frequently up to and including Black Temple. When the patch arrived, the guild decided to take a temporary halt in raiding and relax until Wrath of the Lich King arrived.

Pre patch progress history

Karazhan Zul'Aman Gruul's Lair Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern The Eye Mount Hyjal Black Temple Sunwell Plateau
17/17 6/6 2/2 1/1 6/6 4/4 5/6 3/9 -

Gallery Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Sunday

All raids are scheduled between 20:30-23:30 (server time), with invites going out between 20:00-20:15.

Guild rules summary Edit

Please visit the Epoch website for full guild rules

  • First and foremost, Epoch exists to raid, and to achieve excellent progress in raiding.
  • The guild is not a hardcore raiding guild – we will not raid every day of the week, and we will not adopt other hardcore raiding practices such as assuming that people are signed for a raid unless unsigned. However, the only difference between Epoch and a hardcore raiding guild is that we will raid slightly less frequently, and that we will accept slightly less frequent raiding from our raiding members. In every other way we will approach our raiding exactly as would a hardcore raiding guild.
  • New recruits – have 1 month maximum to prove themselves to the guild – in terms of reliability, raiding regularity, attitude, performance. If unsuccessful, removed from the guild.
  • Performance – perform competently in raids, not continually pulling aggro, not generating poor threat, not causing wipes through ignoring raiding directions, and supported by stats performance – DPS, healing output, etc. Lag is not an excuse.
  • Preparation – always arrive having read boss fights, being aware of all aspects of the fight, and specifics relevant to your own class. Sufficient raid mats for the whole raid, and full knowledge of which mats are required – ignorance is not an excuse. Gear sufficient to raid – general raid readiness due to appropriate gear for the level of raiding, and in possession of specific gear sets where necessary, and development of offsets for where this might also be helpful to the guild’s raid progress.
  • Reliability – always show for a raid, always outside the raid instance 15 minutes ahead of raid start, never summoned, always stay throughout. Only exceptional RL reasons will be acceptable.
  • Frequency of raiding – all new members will be able to raid twice per week on average. If this is not possible from new recruits, it will result in removal from the guild. On rare occasions, exceptions will be made to the 2 raids per week rule. In these cases, the member will have demonstrated excellent performance and preparation despite raiding less frequently. This exception will not be applied to new recruits.
  • We use a EPGP system for loot.

Recruitment Edit

Epoch will always consider good applications, however at times certain classes may be full.
Players interested in joining Epoch are advised to apply at the recruitment page.

Officers Edit

Madmeg, Guildmaster 
Guildmaster and raid leader.
Centorious, Raiding officer 
Raid leader
Qualid, Officer 

External links Edit

Official site
Recruitment page

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