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Introduction Edit

Epixplx are a PvE focused guild with a core membership, that have been together since WoW launched. Even though PvE is the guild's primary focus, they still have a large casual/PvP contingent too. The guild have cleared all raid instances previous to Sunwell Plateau. The guild runs a relaxed schedule of raiding 4 days a week; due to this, the guild is suited for those people, who may have some semblance of a "real life".

Members of Epixplx possess a unique sence of humor as they often laugh at themselves and others, maintaining a somewhat sarcastic tone within the guild at times.

Although the guild, as any other, has its fair share of drama, these moments are soon forgotten and the members remain focussed on the PvE progress. The guild is especially proud of their progress, given that they raid 20%+ less time than most similar guilds with their level of progression.

History Edit

When the game was launched, a few people on the server Ravencrest (EU) came together and formed the guild we all grew to know and love. Since nearly all of the early Ahn'Qiraj progression was achieved on Ravencrest, it didn't come as a surprise that Epixplx recorded the unofficial Horde first kill of C'thun on Xavius (EU). Which happened less than a month after Epixplx migrated to Xavius in september, 2006.

It all started out on Ravencrest (EU) with a guild called ANSI. ANSI has been around longer than WoW; it was formed by people that were, at that time, playing SWG. Since the game was buggy, the guild "migrated" to WoW. Because they were suffering from a shortage of players in the beginning, the initial raids were carried out with some help from Semper Danica. ANSI steadily grew and soon they had enough players to go after Onyxia by themselves, without the help from Samper Danica.
The progression was kinda slow at first, but all that changed when ANSI merged with Fear. Even some SD members left their guild to join them. Despite the growing numbers of people that joined ANSI, the guild had an outflow of players to Empire, that had progressed a bit furter in the end game content at that time. Some time went by, when a guild called FightClub expressed the desire to raid with ANSI, although the guilds didn't merge at first. The progress was good and eventually they were quite far in Blackwing Lair... But that's when trouble started.
The majority of guild members didn't approve of the way the guild was run by some of the officers. This lead to some drama, mostly about loot, as players were complaining that some of the officers were more concerned with the well-being of casual raiders than the hardcore ones. Eventually Zhagrath, Beatriz, Hellaphin, Torment and Sharkie left the guild and formed a new one, that would embody the real spirit of the players. Epixplx.
The door of Epixplx was open to a majority of ANSI players, and most of them did leave to join Epixplx. When things settled, they went back to clearing BWL. Than came Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas, but the server's performance was less than good so they've decided to migrate to Xavius, where they continued to progress through Naxx.

Now, Epixplx is one of the top guilds on Xavius, with over 100 active characters that consist of active PvP players, casuals and ofcourse the Core Raiders that are currently progressing through Sunwell content.

Since the early months of 2008 Epixplx found it increasingly hard to keep up with IRL commitments of a few of their raiders contending with the guild's continued aspirations for clearing Sunwell Plateau, especially due to Xavius' growing notoriety for being 'dead' with the lack of experienced and geared players to join them in the Sunwell. After much deliberation and careful planning, the guild finally decided to migrate to Twisting Nether (EU), in which they hope to continue their steady progress through SWP.

Current Guild Progression Edit


Oh, the love. <3

Sunwell Plateau Edit

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
From 19.30 until 23.30 server time.
  • Sunday:
From 13.30 until 18.30 server time.

There are also the casual raids to Karazhan and Zul'Aman. These raids usually take place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays if people are interested.

Recruitment Edit

  • Ui-charactercreate-classes druid - 1x Resto
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman - 1x Enhancement & 2x Resto

Applicants are always welcome and exceptional applicants will be given a trial. Cross Realm applicants are more than welcome to apply. Epixplx want to recruit members that sign up for all the raids, repaired and prepared an around hour before with consumables, reagents and a focused mind ready for the night ahead.

If succesful and are given a trial, you will be expected to sign up to raids and will be put to the test straight away. If you're not performing to the standard of the guild, your class leader will give you a few pointers and you go from there. Trialists are expected to start as they mean to carry on and give their best performances for every raid, as members can be demoted to casual if they continue to act out. Trial members will earn DKP for the raids they attend and can bid DKP for items, but won't win it over a Member.

Epixplx uses oRA2, BigWigs and Omen. Raiders are expected to keep these addons up to date and visible at all times. You're not required to have thousands of addons, as long as you have the three essentials and any that are class specific (Decursive/PallyPower/etc) then the rest is up to you.

As with most guilds, Epixplx uses Ventrilo and all members are required to be able to connect and at least say "Hello" to let the Raid Leaders know you're not AFK. Being AFK for the first 30m of the raid will not go down well, even after you've passed your trial. Epixplx has a wide variety of nationalities in it's ranks, but primarily speaks English, especially during raids and in Guild Chat. You're expected to have a good grasp of the English language and should be able to communicate easily using it.

Guild Rules Edit

These are the basic rules that you are expected to follow if you are in the ranks of raiding members:

  • Gear: Your gear needs to be at least that of Sunwell Vendor/T6/S3 standards.
  • Loot Distribution: The guild use gsDKP to distribute loot in 25 mans. DKP is earned for every run you are in for, but the trialists are not able to spend DKP over a member. Offset items are almost always bought by DKP whereas certain items are loot counciled. Tier 6 tokens in BT are Loot Councilled exclusively to make sure all Sunwell raiders have their four set bonus.
  • Sign-ups and Raid Attendance: Every member of Epixplx is expected to sign-up for every raid, either as available or not available. There is also an AFK Forum on which members can notify others of any prolonged absence. But you are expected to maintain around 75% attendance.
  • Consumables: Raiders are expected to bring enough consumables to last the night: this include atleast 1 flask or elixirs, mana/health potions, Wizard Oils, damage/healing/stamina food.
  • Last but not least, you have to realize that raiding with EP is a group affair. Playing for the damage meters may compromise your member status.

Additional Information Edit

Officers Edit

If you are in any way interested in contacting the guild, here is the list of EP officers.

  • Guild Master: Hedgehog
  • Officer: Gnarf
  • Officer: Phantomer
  • Officer: Rallah

Class Leaders Edit

If you are interested in applying and do not wish to do it on the open forums, please send a PM to the appropriate class leader.

  • Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Daboran
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Tusse (in-game Tussee)
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Raiztlin
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Finch (in-game Finçh)
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Timx
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Extravagance (in-game Æxtra)
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Nekzar
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Mortarian
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Durator (in-game Sukoden)

Past Guild Progression Edit


Illidan, Kael, Vashj and Archimonde.


Zul'jin, Warlord of Zul'Aman.

Bc icon TBC Progression Edit

Pre TBC Progression Edit

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