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Information Edit

Epilogue is a guild on Server:Icecrown US, representing the Horde. We are primarily focused on end-game PvE raiding. We were founded on the premise that it's possible to enjoy end-game content in WoW even if you have real life obligations which would make a strict manditory attendance policy very difficult to meet. Epilogue has a large number of working adults, and is both family friendly and inclusive of all races, relegions, and orientations.

Today we have just over 96 members, playing 230 characters, with approximately 35 active raiders. Although none of the very original Horde end-game guilds exist in their original form today, Epilogue is one of the three oldest Horde guilds still active on the server.

Officers Edit

Guild Leader: Khanus
Officers: Check our website

Recruitment Edit

Epilogue is recruiting the best players from Icecrown and beyond. Our high standards for new incoming members reflect the same high standards that we as a group of raiders expect for ourselves. Epilogue is distinctive in that we have a very casual culture with a relaxed raid schedule, yet we progress at a rapid pace.

The reason that we progress in our low stress atmosphere is because our raiders exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Attendance - Our Raiders attend two or more raids per week.
  • Focus & situational awareness.
  • Self-Motivated - Our Raiders are consistantly prepared they spend time outside of raids reading strategies and improving their performance. I.e. Grinding factions or raiding 10 man content. When its time for raid we have our snacks for our characters and our RL avatars ready to go!
  • Technologically capable - Our raiders have stable internet and computer connections.
  • Strong DPS / TPS / HPS.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Attention to detail - Our gear is gemmed & enchanted.
  • Reliability - if an Epilogue raider comits to a run they'll stay the course.

We don't recruit for the bench, and very few individuals have the right mix of skill and attitude to qualify for one of our coveted Raider positions. If you don't hear from us within 3-5 days your application has likely been rejected.

If we like your application we will contact YOU to do a ventrilo interview and instance run. You'll likely need to participate in a raid with us so that we can judge your performance before we tag. Once you're tagged you will be promoted to "Initiate" status for as long as it takes us to decide if you're "Raider" status material (usually 2 weeks).

Contact Us Edit

Visit our website at [1]

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