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General InformationEdit

Epic Drops (ED) is an Alliance guild on the PVP server Drak'Thul. ED is an organized casual group of adventurers focused on experiencing all the content WoW has to offer. This means that we are a group of people that have prior commitments in our lives and cannot adhere to a strict raiding schedule but still wish to experience end game content. Our raiding schedules allow for greater flexibility of those who work, attend school full-time, have family / significant other obligations while still allowing us to progress in the game.


Epic Drops is run by council, and officers make up that council. Officers are charged with working to ensure the success and health of the guild and its members by providing the tools, guidance, and leadership that enhance the enjoyment of this game for all members of the guild. The guild charter is the officer's compass, and all decisions are guided by it. Current officers: Teardropp (GM), Lj, Shouchi and Lena.


The guild was founded on February 18, 2006 in the hills of Redridge, by a group of real life friends. The guild name "Epic Drops" was derived from the consistent naming conventions that the founders adopted when creating their characters as a sign of solidarity. Original founders of the guild (those that were there for the signing of the guild charter) include: Coughdrop, Gumdrop, Lemondrop, Rainedrop, and Secsidrop. The remaining five signatures out of the ten required to turn in a guild charter were obtained from helpful passersby, one of whom (Dandro) remained in the guild to this day.

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