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General InformationEdit


Entity is an end-game raiding guild on the Malfurion (US-PvE-CST) server. We were formed on Jan.16th 2009 by raiders who have a same common goal of making serious end-game progress while having fun. We only accept people that we feel go well with the "vibe" of our members and don't cause problems.

Our guild roster is mostly composed of highly skilled individuals with strong raiding backgrounds whose main goal is conquering current 25 man content and achievements, as well as preparing to quickly eliminate future raid encounters as efficiently as possible while maintaining a fun, laid back environment; guild chat and vent are interesting, often colorful, events.

Guild ProgressEdit

We are a fast progressing guild having cleared all current content on guild forming.


Boss Date Wing Boss Date Wing
Anub'Rekhan 16 January 2009 Arachnid Quarter Grand Widow Faerlina 16 January 2009 Arachnid Quarter
Maexxna 16 January 2009 Arachnid Quarter Noth the Plaguebringer 16 January 2009 Plague Quarter
Heigan the Unclean 16 January 2009 Plague Quarter Loatheb 16 January 2009 Plague Quarter
Instructor Razuvious 16 January 2009 Military Quarter Gothik the Harvester 16 January 2009 Military Quarter
Four Horsemen 16 January 2009 Military Quarter Patchwerk 16 January 2009 Construct Quarter
Grobbulus 16 January 2009 Construct Quarter Gluth 16 January 2009 Construct Quarter
Thaddius 16 January 2009 Construct Quarter Sapphiron 16 January 2009 Frostwyrm Lair
Kel'Thuzad 16 January 2009 Frostwyrm Lair
Eye of Eternity
Malygos 16 January 2009 6 minute malygos
Obsidian Sanctum
Sartharion 16 January 2009 3 Drake

Boss Date Picture Boss Date Picture
Flame Leviathan  ??  ?? Ignis the Furnace Master  ??  ??
Razorscale  ??  ?? XT-002 Deconstructor  ??  ??
The Iron Council  ??  ?? Kologarn  ??  ??
Auriaya  ??  ?? Hodir  ??  ??
Thorim  ??  ?? Freya  ??  ??
Mimiron  ??  ?? General Vezax  ??  ??
Yogg-Saron  ??  ?? Algalon the Observer  ??  ??
  • Ulduar's hard modes will be marked with a star when complete

guild rank in realm

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

  • Sunday, 7:30PM-11:30PM Server Time
  • Tuesday, 7:30PM-11:30PM Server Time
  • Thursday, 7:30PM-11:30PM Server Time
  • During new content and progression raids in order to stay competitive, we may raid longer and possibly add a Wednesday non mandatory raid.
  • Attendance is expected to be 85% or better for all raids.

Loot systemEdit

Our loot system provides a fare enviroment for all members it is called the shroud loot sytem read all about it here

SLS or Shroud Loot System was designed as a method of distributing in-game items ("loot") among a group of players in MMORPGs, specifically World of Warcraft. It was created in 2005 by the guild Shroud.

The grandfather of the point based loot systems is the DKP point system, created in 1999. Shroud Loot System is also a point based loot system, but one that attempts to correct what the creators perceived are flaws in the DKP system and its variants.

The goals of SLS

SLS has similar goals to all point systems, including DKP, as described in the previous sections. However, it has the following specific goals:

  • Points should be based on time and attendance, not completion of content.
  • Point inflation should be combated by a mechanism inherent to the system.
  • It should allow high frequency participants to get priority on items at the cost of a worse time to loot ratio than lower frequency participants.
  • Point costs should be allowed to reflect the desirability of an item, but bid collusion should not be possible.

SLS points are not points as much as they are a way of ranking each player's priority, i.e. their place in line to receive the next loot they desire.

The theory of SLS

Earning points

SLS awards points based solely on attendance, regardless of the amount of loot received. The purpose behind this method is to award players who participate in learning new content, when the loot to time ratios are very low by allowing them to build a base of points before players who begin participating only when the content has been mastered and the loot to time ratio is now high.

Earning points on a time based format also allows for more tightly scheduled content, as one can easily award points only during a scheduled time. As loot systems such as SLS or DKP are generally only used when the number of players involved and the time required are both large, invariably some players will have strict time constraints due to outside forces. This allows those players to participate without being disadvantaged if they have to remove themselves before the of the content due to poor scheduling.

Spending points for items

There are only two ways to spend points on an item. A player can either spend 1/2 their current points or bid a low fixed cost (usually on the order of the points received for participating once in content). The player with the highest bid receives the item. If two players tie, which usually only happens when all players bid the low fixed cost, the item is given out by chance using a random number generator.

The main consequences of a bidding scheme such as this are:

  • Players who hoard their points for a small set of desired items pay significantly more points per item than those who spend their points more often for less desired items.
  • There exists a soft threshold for items, so that one can eventually get into a top priority ranking even with low frequency participation.
  • If an item is not highly desired, players will be unwilling to bid 1/2 their points and thus the item will be awarded for a small amount instead of going to waste or being given away.
  • Bids are no longer an auction-style bid, but just one player exercising priority over another player.
  • Point totals will tend to reach a plateau, since points will be spent faster than they can be acquired.
  • SLS avoids the trap of assigning fixed costs to items to prevent endless discussion and debate of which items are the most valuable and desired.

Guild RecruitmentEdit

Now that you know a little about us, here is what we are looking for in you.

Prior raid experience is essential at this point in our progression. More than that, however, we're keen to add members who go the extra mile to find out about upcoming encounters in their own time, who can confidently approach fights they've never participated in before because they're well aware of the abilities and gimmicks to which they'll be subjected.

As a player, we want you to be focused on improving yourself, your tactics and always evolving your play style to be the most efficient, productive member of the guild you can be. Listening skills are a must. Criticism will be handed out to those in need, so you must be able to take it.

An extensive knowledge of your class is required too, this isn't a teaching guild. We are here to pwn content and don't have the time, nor patience to teach people how to play their classes. If you are constantly just ahead of the tank in DPS, or behind the shadow priests in healing done, don't waste our or your time.

As a person, a sense of humor will go a long long way! The aforementioned guild chat can be filled with several topics some might find offensive or out of place and if you can't deal with that, Entity may not be the place for you.

Think you'll be a good fit? Read on!

- Ventrilo, a mic, and a willingness to use both are required.

- You do not need full best in slot to join. Players that can demonstrate a knowledge of their class and raiding will not be passed over because of gear alone.

That's it!


  • Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Dps Warrior
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue
  • Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage

currently need one of each above posted classes but is always recruiting exceptional players

Updated March.19/09

How to Apply:

If you feel that you'd be a great addition to our ranks, please post a well thought out application on our website

While we are actively recruiting the listed classes, we encourage all exceptional players to apply. Any questions can be directed in-game or PM'ed on guild site to the officers below.


  • Asylia
  • Faith
  • Borrocho
  • Scoops

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