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General Info Edit

Server: Frostmourne US

Side: Alliance 15 Alliance

Formed: 11th of November 2005

Website: Official Enigma Website

Raiding Times: Outside of Business hours server time.

Progression: Frostmourne Guild Progression List

Molten Core Completed, Blackwing Lair Completed, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - C'Thun, Naxxramas - Maexxna, Gothik the Harvester

Leadership Edit

Guild Master - Niby

Officers - Cyntia, Gregoria, Lillena, Myra, Outburst, Ralix

Background Edit

Similar to a lot of Frostmourne guilds, Enigma consists of many members whom have leveled up on other servers and rerolled due to Time Zone conflicts with American servers. Enigma has members from all across Australia, New Zealand with several members currently residing in North America and South East Asia.

A number of the core members came from Order of Avalon on Blackrock. Many core members also came across from Vitality when the two guilds merged pre-ZG.

Although a smaller guild Enigma has many active and skilled members which has resulted in turning down of merger requests including guilds ahead with their progression. Enigma attempts to maintain a small guild feel where everybody knows everyone else.

Enigma and our fellow Frostmourne guild Twelve spent many nights coincidently running ZG, AQ, MC and BWL at the same time. As such there is an awesome rapport between the two guilds who have killed Kazzak and Azuregos together.

Quirks Edit

Enigma's bank alt Enigmabank and Twelve's bank alt Twelvebank reside in each other's guild.

Priests who receive their Eye of Divinity are encouraged to Gquit and be reinvited back in homage of our first 3 priests Gquiting after receiving their Eye of Divinity.

Ranks between Member and Officer are reserved for funny titles including; The Fonz, Eyyyyyyyy!, Almost there... and DogsgoRABLAALBLA.

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