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Overview Edit

Guild Philosophy Edit

Our guild relies strongly on our ethics and attitude towards World of Warcraft. We created the guild for those who want to play in a casual way, without being forced to raid when they don't want to, or change their character in a way they don't like, or feel like their in the military. Members are kicked for inactivity after being offline for over a month.

We aren't here for loot really, that's just an added bonus of raiding. We raid because its fun. And while we do our utmost to distribute loot in a fair way, we feel that if its so important for you that you are willing to make a fuss about it, then you care more about a bunch of pixels then about friendship. All members of EoD are treated equally in their rights for loot, with the exception of the MT (but this is part of his duty as MT and NOT a reward for it).

Our officers do not expect any reward other than the guild they create and the respect of the members.

Our guild strongly opposes cheating and harassment in any way shape or form. Buying gold, botting, abusing bugs, harassing players, ninjaing and spamming are all one way tickets to getting kicked from the guild. Whether you do so in a guild group or a pick up group.

History Edit

The guild Emissaries of Darkness, in short EoD, is one of the older guilds on the server Xavius, if not the oldest.

EoD was originally created by Eugoreia, later guildmasters include Ctesibius, Aceldama, Sandals and Windfall. The current guildmaster is Tempestes.

Guild Progress Edit

Emissaries of Darkness Main |  Emissaries of Darkness Homepage |  EoD Armory 

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