This article is a guild information page for Emerald Dream of Alleria US.

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What is Emerald Dream?Edit

Emerald Dream is a World of Warcraft guild on the Alleria US server.

Emerald Dream was founded by members and friends of the Everquest for Macintosh guild Dark Conquest from the Al'Kabor server with the hope that they would be able to continue their friendships and embark on new adventures in Azeroth together.

The guild is currently accepting membership applications from all Alliance races and classes. If you are interested in joining Emerald Dream, seek out its members, read the Guild Charter, and fill out an application.

Emerald Dream is a relaxed guild in which real life comes before the game. We are a casual guild that raids where and when we can.

Guild ManagementEdit

Guild MasterEdit

The Guild Master of Emerald Dream is Averlen.



Stinks (Teana)


Guild Website

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