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Edge of Dawn is a World of Warcraft guild formed from experienced raiders and a network of real life relations. Established in the early days of WOW, EOD has continued to be a benchmark guild, proving that progression does not require hand picked and "hardcore" raiders. Edge of Dawn has continued to push high end content in the Burning Crusade while maintaining a friendly environment of people dedicated to helping each other be the best they can be.

Overview Edit

To fill out an application goto our webpage. For more information you can contact Andrea in game.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, 7:30 PM Server - 25 mans
  • Wednesday, 7:30 PM Server - 25 mans
  • Thursday, 7:30 PM Server - Karazhan or ZA
  • Friday, off night
  • Saturday, 7:30 PM Server - Karazhan or ZA
  • Sunday, 7:30 PM Server - 25 mans
  • Monday, 7:30 PM Server - Karazhan or ZA

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a semi-casual raiding guild but every person is expected to be able to come to at least 2 runs a week.
  • But more importantly we are a friendly environment where we raid cause it's fun not a job.
  • We use a DKP system for loot.

Officers Edit

Andrea, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for adminsion.
Damianreaver, Council 
Contact for adminsion.
Puba, Council 
Contact for adminsion.
Khazri, Council 
Contact for adminsion.

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