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GM Officers

IconSmall Blood Elf FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes priest Mystres

IconSmall Tauren MaleUi-charactercreate-classes warrior Dielgore

IconSmall Undead FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes warlock Kaloria

IconSmall Tauren MaleUi-charactercreate-classes druid Musabb

Guild Information Edit

Edge of Chaos is a raiding guild on the PvE Rexxar_US server

Founded 12/15/2007 by most of the members of The Pantheon after the guild disbanded. Now we are a guild filled with many great players from all over. The Guild Leader is Mystres

Edge of Chaos Website

Edge of Chaos is a World of Warcraft guild on the Rexxar server. Our current focus is balancing content progression with maintaining real lives and real relationships. We strive to progress through content but also understand we probably won’t be getting any server firsts. We’re okay with that though. We understand that this is first and foremost a game and our policies reflect that.

  • All members are expected to act as adults and to moderate their behavior to a degree. By this, we mean don't blow up at guild mates and don't complain to guildmates about situations you can correct yourself (such as items, gold, or groups). Be constructive and reasonable in any concerns or criticisms and address them in private or keep them to yourself. Be respectful of your fellow guild members, keep serious race/creed issues out of guild chat, raid chat, or Ventrilo.

That said; we are a group of people who enjoy having fun with each other, often at each others expense. Things can and do often get a bit crude but it is all in good fun. If you have a good attitude and don’t take yourself too seriously, we will get along fine and I am sure you will have a great time.*

Ranks and Descriptions Edit

Ranks and Descriptions

  • Guild Master – Self Explanatory
  • Officer – Trusted longtime members of the guild in good standing who help the guild master keep things running smoothly
  • Captain – New officers who have shown they have the best interest of the guild in mind and have offered their assistance to lead raids and perform other various duties
  • Raider XX – This is our core. These are the people we can rely to be at every raid and do everything needed in order for us to succeed. You must maintain 75% attendance and be in good standing to remain at this rank.
  • Casual Raider – These are the people that usually fill out our raids. Their busy lives can’t allow them to commit as much time as our core raiders, but they are members in good standing who make as many raids as they can.
  • Recruit – Applicants who are trying to attain the rank of Raider.
  • Friend – Friends and Family members of our current Raiders.

Alt – For alts, duh!

  • STFU – Punishment/Joke rank. We will use this to shut you up if you’re disturbing guild chat. We will also use this for terrible jokes, silly puns or any other ridiculous act that makes us /facepalm.

Raid Information Edit

Raid Schedule

Our official progression raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8 pm - 11:30 pm EST, 7pm-10:30pm CST (Server time).

Raid invites go out around 6:45pm (Server) and everyone is inside the instance, buffed and ready to pull by 7pm. We like to make the most out of our allotted raiding time and having the raid wait on a few people is counterproductive to that. We’ll make every effort not to waste your time, please don’t waste ours.

We are currently working on pushing through Ulduar (25man) content. We also try to do Vault of Archavon early in the raid week depending on the Wintergrasp situation. This content currently IS NOT puggable unless the guild has already cleared it for the current weeks raid timer. If we are unable to make it into VoA by the middle of the week the Guild Master will make a decision on allowing members to pug it.

What we raid is decided by the officers of Edge of Chaos. Although we encourage members to give their opinion on all things concerning the guild, this is not a true democracy. We do what’s best for the guild regardless of individual needs.

We expect our raiders to have all of their gear gemmed and enchanted. Do we expect you to spend 10 abyss crystals on a blue item? Of course not, but you still need to be enchanted.

The goal of our raids is to get through as much content as possible during our allotted raid times. Some things that are heavily frowned upon include:

  • Constant AFK’s or “Ninja” AFK’s. Doing this will get you removed from a raid.
  • Begging to bring alts to progression raid nights because you don’t “need” anything. In our eyes this is very selfish behavior and can get you removed from raid as well as losing your raid status. No one person can do this alone. After the raid has helped you get yours, you WILL be expected to help the rest of the group.
  • Leaving the raid abruptly. We understand that life comes at you fast and sometimes you just can’t help it, but if you know in advance you have to leave a raid you need to let an officer know 15 minutes prior so we can find a replacement.

Loot Rules

On non progression nights we encourage our members to organize 10 man raids or heroics within the guild. These raids are not officially run by the officers and as such you cannot use or earn karma in these raids.

  • Karma is our looting system. To learn how it works please see the Loot system section

Loot system Edit

25 Man Ni Karma System:

The Ni Karma System (NKS) is a weighted Rolling system. You can choose to Rely on your roll to win a item or add the character's "karma" (the accumulated points) to the character's roll, Increasing your chance of wining a item.

  • Karma can be used (in full) on the roll, or not used at all.
  • Winner loses half his total karma, if it was used/Added to your Roll. (Key element of the zero sum property) or 25-100 for Class loot*
  • Rewards can be given without breaking the zero-sum property.
  • plugin tracks the loot and can publish it on a website

Determining factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Rank
  • Main spec or Off spec
  • Class itemization

To find out more about Karma please visit the following site if you are a guild member you can read more in detail in the Guild Policies section of the forum.

Recruitment Edit

Application Process

Our need for new members is in a constant state of flux. One week we have all we need then life comes at us and we may have a few new openings. If you don’t find your class on our list of needs that doesn’t necessarily mean you have no chance of getting in. Feel free to fill out and throw up an application at any time if you are interested in joining us. We will consider exceptional players of any class.

Requirements for potential membership are:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age. Please understand we are an adult guild and there is no exception to this policy.
  • Must read, understand and agree to everything in this document. This document reflects our goals and values. If you don’t agree with the content of this document, we probably aren’t a good fit for you anyway.
  • Your gear will be evaluated and must meet a basic level of quality.
  • Must complete a basic interview with an officer.
  • If applicant is on a different server, must be willing to transfer to a PVE server.
  • You cannot have an active application to another guild, nor apply to another guild while an Edge of Chaos applicant or member.
  • All trials must meet 80% raid attendance during their review period.

To apply to Edge of Chaos please follow the “Apply to Join” link on our website ( and fill out an application. Keep in mind that this is our first impression of you so treat it as you would any other application. Try to avoid using “text type” or excessive use of acronyms such as “LOL” and “ROFLMAO”. While such chat lingo is acceptable in game it only makes your application harder to read and therefore reflects negatively on you.

Once completed, your application will go into our public forums under our, (you guessed it), Applications section. It is highly recommended that you check on your application thread from time to time as that is how our officers will contact you after reviewing your application. If you don’t respond to us we will simply assume you are no longer interested and close your application.

Once your application is reviewed and approved you will be invited into a vent session to talk with one of our officers, (usually our guild master), to get to know you and see if you would fit in with us. If the interview goes well you will be invited to the guild as a recruit.

You will remain in the recruit rank for no longer than 30 days. In order to be promoted to the rank of full time raider you must have 80% attendance to progression raids. As a recruit you may not be invited to every raid but you should be available in case we need to fill a slot. You will get attendance credit for being on standby.

If you remain in good standing during your time as a recruit you will be promoted to our full time raider rank. This does not always take 30 days but we reserve the right to use the entire month to make our decision.

Inviting Friends & Family Edit

We welcome people to have Friends & Family Join the guild the Guild. When some ones Friend or Family member is invited in to the Guild that doesn't mean they will be Raiding, they will be placed in to the Friends & Family Rank of non raiders if a raiding position is not available. When/if a Raiding member position is available for their Class & Spec then they can apply for the Raiding position.

WOTLK Raid Progress Edit

Icecrown Citadel The Lower Spire The Plagueworks The Crimson Hall The Frostwing Halls The Frozen Throne
Lord Marrowgar Lady Deathwhisper Gunship Battle Deathbringer Saurfang Festergut Rotface Professor Putricide Blood Prince Council Blood-Queen Lana'thel Valithria Dreamwalker Sindragosa The Lich King
Horde 15 25 Man (normal) Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Undone Undone Undone
Horde 15 25 Man (heroic) Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone

Trial of the Crusader Beasts of Northrend Lord Jaraxxus Faction Champions Twin Val'kyr Anub'arak
Horde 15 25 Man (normal) Done Done Done Done Done
Horde 15 25 Man (heroic) Undone Undone Undone Undone Undone

Ulduar Bosses Flame Leviathan Ignis the Furnace Master Razorscale XT-002 Deconstructor The Assembly of Iron Kologarn Auriaya
Horde 15 25 Man Done Done Done Done Done Done Done
Horde 15 10 Man Done Done Done Done Done Done Done
Ulduar Bosses Mimiron Freya Thorim Hodir General Vezax Yogg-Saron Algalon the Observer
Horde 15 25 Man Done Done Done Done Done Undone Undone
Horde 15 10 Man Done Done Done Done Done Undone Undone

Version Naxxramas Obsidian Sanctum The Eye of Eternity
Arachnid Plague Military Construct Frostwyrm 0d 1d 2d 3d
Horde 15 25 Man Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done
Horde 15 10 Man Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done

Burning Crusades Progression Edit

Classic Raiding Edit

As a guild we did not Raid MC, BWL, ZA,AQ or ORIGINAL Naxx, together, but we have many Players in the guild that have experienced and cleared this content. RIP 40 Man Raiding, we will miss you.

External links Edit

Edge of Chaos Website

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