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Alliance 32 Edge Of Night is an Alliance PvE social-raiding guild formed on Draenor EU.


Edge Of Night is currently a new, social-raiding, Alliance guild on the European server of Draenor. Despite having only been recently formed and facing the task of delving into the end-game content with a team of new raiders, every member is determined to push forwards and do their best before Cataclysm arrives. Currently, we are in the process of building and increasing the size of our main member corps; however we are already planning our first official raids with the members at our disposal. Edge Of Night is constantly expanding and developing and in the near future, we hope to be exploring all the content the game has to offer, whether that be in 10 man, 25 man or heroic modes. Visit for more information and recruiting status, or whisper Iyara in-game!


Whilst the guild is establishing itself and settling, recruitment is open to all characters of any level. This will enable us to develop our social and friendly atmosphere, whilst taking on potential and current raiders to aid us in the future.

Closed - Recruitment is not open for this class.
Low - Very unlikely you will be recruited (In need of 1).
Medium - There´s a fair chance you´ll be accepted (In need for 1-2).
High - In great need of this class (In need of 2+).

ALL recruitment is currently OPEN.

Druid: Feral- Open / Resto- Open / Oomkin- Open

Hunter: Open

Mages: Open

Paladin: Holy- Open / Prot- Open / Retribution- Open

Priest: Holy- Open / Shadow- Open

Rogue: Open

Shaman: Resto- Open / Enhancement- Open / Elemental- Open

Warlock: Open

Warrior: Prot- Open / Fury- Open

Death Knight: Open


Edge of Night was formed in the second half of 2010 by Iyara, with the hope that it would become a successful social-raiding guild which could help its members gain the most from the game. Despite the guild being very young compared to others on Draenor, the expectations are high and everyone is looking forward to the future. On the guild's first official raid, the team successfully defeated 7 of the 12 bosses in Icecrown Citadel (10 man) with very little trouble; this is an excellent sign of things to come. Keep an eye on this space!

Guild ProgressEdit

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

Until a complete roster of raiders has been established, raiding times and days have not been set; the officers must first check the days when raiders are available and when they are most willing to raid and play. Check this space soon!


Iyara, Guildmaster

Shaman. Formed the guild and leads it alongside the officers.

Dánte, Deputy Guildmaster

Paladin. Second-in-command of EoN. Assists the Guildmaster in the day-to-day running of the guild.

Abyster, Officer

Hunter. Assists the Guildmaster and Deputy in controlling and organising the guild.

Pretresse, Treasurer

Priest. Manages the guild bank and its contents, holds as much power as the Deputy Guildmaster and held in high regard by Officers.


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