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Earthmother Protectorate is a guild comprised of Tauren, Blood Elves, Trolls, Orcs, and Forsaken. The characters (and even the players) come from different walks of life, but they try to make it all come together in peace within their guild hall. Of course, that's not always easy or even possible! On several occasions the guild hall has been torn apart or exploded by various altrications. This was especially true when a certain Forsaken was a member.


The Herd

History Edit

(In Character)
The Earthmother Protectorate was originally formed as a Tauren guild, with one of its focal ideas being to protect (no kidding :D) the Earthmother, the Taurens' nature goddess. Later on, the guild opened to members of the other Horde races. Not all had to believe in the Earthmother, but they did and still do strive to be a family unit and to at least be respectful of the guild rules, which largely derive from respect. They've gone through their hard times. They currently do have a healthy mix of Taurens, Trolls, Sin'dorei or Blood Elves, Forsaken, and even a few Orcs.

(Out of Character)
We do promote role-playing as the main focus of this guild, and we strive to be an online family and help each other. Since we're located on a PvP server, we do also encourage some battleground, arena, or world PvP for experience. We do not promote ganking (killing someone who is grey-level to you and yields no honor - unless they're attacking Horde lands or people). We are working on The Lich King and Halion, in the higher end raids, and we have a couple arena teams based mostly within the guild. As long as a person is interested in role-playing with their character and willing to follow and respect the rules, there's a good chance that they can join.

Guild rules Edit

  • Our rules and guidelines can be found on our website (linked above).

Officers Edit


Nusumi Kindaru, Herd Representative

Council of Elders
Chieftain: Adriamarie
First Council: Obvious
Second Council: Gwyllim

Warchief: Obvious
Representative: Shaoshao
Elder: Tenyoilir
Elder: Soriah
Elder: Drusilla
Elder: Ruutzy


Well, here's one of the current, though lazy, guild members, adding to Borgen's introduction.

This'll probably take a while to get into a nice, pretty form, but we'll start with some basics.

Notable Former MembersEdit

Maar'gan Longshot, previous Chief
Runehoof, original Chief
Archmage Borgen Alectus, Lich and sometimes enemy of the Protectorate

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