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Earthen Extreme is a casual PvE guild that occasionally Roleplay. It is a loosely structured guild that caters for people who have just starting playing and that need support through their levelling times.

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Earthen Ring. It is dedicated towards developing inexperienced players. For more information you can contact Ugoli, Dwarki, Kortak in game.

Guild Progress Edit

  • All pre-raiding dungeons - we have experienced officers who know them well. The guild does not raid, but has plans to help guildies get to that level.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Nyar and a group of friends. Originally designed to be a Dwarf-only-guild called Dwarven Extreme the guild was very successful. It was soon realised that 5-mans were becoming impossible due to the lack of warlocks and mages due to Dwarves inability to cast magic (except heals). It was decided to allow in Gnomes and due to their historic ancestor the "Earthen" the guild was renamed. The guild underwent another change when it was decided that non Earthen alts could be included so they did not have to go elsewhere. Bitter fighting (IC) now ensues between the races, as is the true nature of Azeroth.

The Guild has started a pre-raid group called the Extremes which helps guildies get ready for raid groups. The Extremes run through Zul'Gurub and other retro raids occasionally.

Guild Rules Edit

  • Be nice. Say “please” if you’re asking for something, and say “thank you” if someone helps you.
  • Don’t beg. We’ve all earned our money the hard way, and don’t mind helping you out, but we’re not gonna just give cash out. 1g is valuable to lvl 70s too, especially when the repair bill is 5g!
  • Don’t spam /g chat. We all love you just the way you are :D - you don’t need to remind us that you’re around every 30 seconds.
  • We use a dedicated number and roll system for loot.

Officers Edit

Ugoli, Dipsomaniac 
Guild leader, Webmaster, forum admin and WOW addict. Do not let this player near your daughter. Contact for guild information and complaints about Earthen Extreme guild behaviour.
Dwarki, Legless
Mage Class Leader and Uber player.
Rolfandor, Alcoholic 
Distilled evil in a warm gnome bag.
Enzo, Alcoholic 
Tin can -open with care.
Nyissa, Alcoholic 
Damn Hawt...
Kortak, Alcoholic 
PvP and PvE machine. Epic officer of EE and a good bloke too.

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