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E V O Horde 15Horde PvE PvP Guild on Shattered Hand.

Guild information Edit

E V O is both a guild and a community for all chinese horde players on European servers. The guild was founded 25th January 2006 on Xavius realm. Since then, the guild has progressed both in PvE and PvP while maintaining a great atmosphere. Since the creation of the guild, chinese players from all over Europe has arrived to expand our armies. Today, E V O has over 400 proud members. Transfered to Shattered Hand realm on the 2nd Febuary 2008 in order to expand the guild further.

E V O-members are infamous for not understanding english and ignoring orders. They are also infamous for having tons of good gear but are not able to play their classes well. An inline joke existed on Shattered Hand were EVO-players often was said to have bought their characters (which might explain why they dont really understand their classes even when their characters got good gear) then if you met or where in an instance/raid with a player (that wasnt in the EVO) that played bad people often said: "you are probaly an EVO" or "why dont you go join EVO".

Guild Progress Edit

Officers Edit

Legionz, Guildmaster
a.k.a Lz, Raidleader
Windman, Officer
Warrior CL, Raidleader
Kktiger, Officer
Hunter CL,
Unknow, Officer
Warlock CL,
Zuzong, Officer
Brabra, Officer
Onlyn, Officer

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