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eXcommunicated is an Alliance raiding guild on the PvE server Skywall-US. They are a fellowship of friends, family and companions on the Skywall server focused on progressing in content and ultimately “winning” the game through frequent, organized raiding and working in harmony with other guilds on our level of content and above. The members of the guild are to show themselves to be honorable and fair in all dealings with non-guild members, and must show a fierce loyalty to the members of eXcommunicated in particular.


Founded in August of 2006 with members of Vanir after it fell apart, eXcommunicated has been raiding ever since.

Burning Crusade ProgressionEdit

Up to date progression can be found on Server:Skywall's progression list.


  • Kurnn (GM)
  • Evildiva
  • Kadaan
  • Kush
  • Nefrin
  • Skitter


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