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General information Edit

Dutch Inc is a Dutch casual/raiding guild.
On Turalyon Dutch Inc is one of the biggest guilds.
As you might guess, only Dutch speaking players can join the guild.

Raid status Edit

Dutch inc has karazhan on farm, they had Gruul on farm and they even were farming Void Reaver in Tempest keep.
Sadly some members left and they are have issues farming the 25 man raids again.

Recruitment Edit

Because Dutch Inc wants to do the 25 man raids again they are recruiting the following classes of active players:

  • - 2 x Restro druid
  • - 2 x Mage
  • - 2 x Holy paladin
  • - 1 x Holy priest
  • - 1 x Healing Shaman
  • - 1 x Caster Shaman

If u are interested in having fun and helping the guild out, please don't hesitate to visit the Dutch Inc Website.

Recruitment forum

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