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Drunken Revelation is a social guild composed of very close real life friends who attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL as well as other friends from the surrounding areas. When not online casually getting together to do PuG raids and daily heroics, the members of Drunken Revelation enjoy hanging out in real life by throwing parties, going to Renaissance Festivals, performing community service, playing Dungeons and Dragons, watching Battlestar Gallactica, reading The Wheel of Time series, and enjoying each other's nerdiness.

Many of our members' college majors include both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Engineering Physics, Space Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Science, Aviation Business, Psychology, and English as well as Air Force and Navy ROTC members. In addition, since we are a group of college friends, we come from many different states as well, including Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York (Brooklyn), and Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the majority of the members are brothers of the Alpha Delta Nu chapter of the national co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.


Drunken Revelation currently has 11 level 80 characters, a couple of them being alts.

Bashere, Guildmaster
Human Death Knight, Frost Spec - Male
Taklah, Officer
Night Elf Hunter, Marksmanship Spec (Alt of Soulsbane) - Male
Kristyle, Officer
Human Paladin, Retribution Spec - Male
Vaarix, Officer
Draenei Hunter, Marksmanship Spec - Male
Reydia, Officer
Human Paladin, Protection Spec - Female
Saeyna, Officer
Night Elf Druid, Balance Spec - Female
Kirsith, Officer
Draenei Shaman, Elemental Spec - Male
Soulsbane, Officer
Human Priest, Holy Spec - Male
Eldwyn, Officer
Night Elf Priest, Shadow Spec - Male
Damani, Officer
Draenei Mage, Fire Spec (Alt of Kristyle) - Male
Amilliaa, Veteran
Human Priest, Discipline Spec - Male

In addition, there are several non-80's and alt characters in the guild (listed in decreasing level):

  • Reynoldz
  • Eldwine
  • Raandem
  • Keiyratha
  • Hoarmurath
  • Zanward
  • Abridged
  • Seche
  • Eillea
  • Cauren
  • Balzamon
  • Tankinator
  • Zeraphiel
  • Throatcutter
  • Blitzstreik
  • Thoryndem
  • Caldazar
  • Nethwin
  • Azkend
  • Irilia
  • Hujamabob
  • Mynessa
  • Dalco
  • Iocyaa
  • Annikahansen
  • Tysiria
  • Zoriel
  • Arami
  • Lywyn
  • Batuusai
  • Lollerskate
  • Rabell

Raiding CategoriesEdit

If you are interested in playing with a member from Drunken Revelation, the following provides lists of which members can fulfill raid roles:


  • Bashere (Death Knight)
  • Taklah (Hunter)~
  • Kristyle (Paladin)
ICC 10 normal - 5/12
  • Vaarix (Hunter)
ICC 10 normal - 7/12
ICC 25 normal - 4/12
ICC 10 Heroic - 1/12
  • Saeyna (Druid)
ICC 10 normal - 6/12
ICC 25 normal - 5/12
ICC 25 Heroic - 1/12
  • Kirsith (Shaman)
ICC 10 normal - 7/12
ICC 25 normal - 7/12
ICC 10 Heroic - 1/12
  • Eldwyn (Priest)
  • Damani (Mage)~


  • Soulsbane (Priest)
ICC 10 normal - 5/12
ICC 25 normal - 4/12
  • Saeyna (Druid)
ICC 10 normal - 6/12
ICC 25 normal - 5/12
ICC 25 Heroic - 1/12
  • Kirsith (Shaman)
ICC 10 normal - 7/12
ICC 25 normal - 7/12
ICC 10 Heroic - 1/12


  • Kristyle (Paladin)
ICC 10 normal - 5/12
  • Reydia (Paladin)

(~) indicates alt character

(ICC experience is given for the overall character, not for specific specs)

That 80's ShowEdit

Want to get you know our 80's? Well, this section is for you!


Saeyna is our only level 80 druid. She plays a female Night Elf and is dual-specced as balance and restoration. She primarily likes to dps, but she enjoys healing every once in a while for a change of pace. In addition, having a healing offspec allows her to help fill needed roles within other raids.

She currently has a 5525 gearscore with a 245 average item level. The highest AOE dps she as ever pulled was 25k, but she believes that to be a short-lived fluke because since then, she has only been able to pull a max of 11k-12k AOE dps. Her average single-target boss dps is around 6k, but she has been able to pull burst dps up to 8k-9k before.


Eldwyn is our newest 80. He plays a female Night Elf Shadow Priest. He is still in the process of acquiring gear.


Reydia is one of our two level 80 paladins. She plays a female Human and prefers to tank. Therefore, she is a protection specced paladin with a gearscore just over 4k "and high blood pressure." Due to real life commitments, she has only been able to play here and there lately, so she is still getting use to the role of tank.

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