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Overview Edit

Our guild is a combination of players from Minnesota, Arizona, and lots of individuals from California. We view ourselves as casual gamers who try to balance a casual raiding atmosphere with making raid progress. Our guild is composed of individuals who enjoy playing and interacting with each other in the World of Warcraft community.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

<Dragonheart> came into being after the release of the Burning Crusade. The guild is made up of individuals from former guilds like Hammer, LFG, and the late DPS. It is mostly composed of individuals who are real life friends with each other. While the started as a casual raiding guild, <Dragonheart> has progressed fairly rapidly recently.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Monday & Wednesday, 6:00 PM Server
  • Sunday, 3:00 PM Server

Guild Rules Edit

  • We expect guild members to respect each other and present themselves in a mature adult like manner.
  • We use DKP for T5 & T6 25 mans raids
  • We expect guild members to keep in mind that we are a casual guild and we try to maintain that atmosphere, but we do take what we do seriously in terms of raiding.

Officers Edit

If you are interested in possibly joining Dragonheart you should pst;

Leonas/Pallysrblack - Guild Leader

Lumiar - Guild Officer

Feldeath - Guild Officer

Shannon - Guild Officer

Shellyjoy/Tazzswife - Guild Officer

Glorfindal - Guild Officer