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The Clan Draconus Lupus (Also known as The Dragonwolves) was formed almost 10 years ago from a very tight-knit group of gamers. We have grown over these years to be an organized and devoted group of good friends. We have always based our Clan on teamwork and a family core-value system. We are all friends! We like to consider ourselves honorable; we hold the ethic of honor high, for we feel that through honor and valor, we will always find victory. The CDL is spread across a variety of different games and genres and have over 100 members.

World of Warcraft

The CDL on Aggramar is not the first inclination of the team in World of Warcraft. The CDL have existed in one form or another on Laughing Skull (US) as Alliance and also on Twisting Nether (US) as Horde. Upon release of World of Warcraft we existed on Mal'Ganis US for a short period, but due to server lag and problems we moved to Laughing Skull (US) several days after release. Currently Aggramar is the home of the CDL, we are a casual team who play for fun and camaraderie. Below is our Mission Statement:

"We wish to be able to game together and rely on each other to bring separate talents of individuals using various classes and abilities to provide the richest experience possible. We desire to have a mature and reliable guild. In order to do that we are looking at recruiting solid individuals who exemplify the Clan Draconus Lupus motto. Honor – Valor – Victory. Through the recruiting process we learn who we can rely upon to hold these ideals up. Many apply; some make it through the process. Those that do are forever changed. They are welcomed as brother or sister into a multi-gaming group that spans all of the current PC games. Once you become a Dragonwolf, only your actions determine if you stay a Dragonwolf."


In 1996 the CDL] was formed by a group of like minded friends and relatives with the goal of forming a competitive online gaming team. The first foray into this was Tribes. They adopted the tag -CDL- which all of its members wear to this day. A strict Code of Conduct and Guide Manual was established to assist in team management. With the passing of Tribes the CDL moved on to its sequel Tribes 2 where it fought it's way to the Top 5 of the Team Warfare Base Ladder. The CDL then moved to become a Multi Gaming Team with interests and divisions across the gaming spectrum.


To date the CDL has participated in many games across the spectrum from FPS's to RPG's to MMORPG's. Below is a list of games the CDL has participated in officially.

  • Tribes
  • Tribes 2
  • Dark Ages of Camelot
  • PlanetSide
  • EVE Online
  • Americas Army
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield 2
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

There is a large spectrum of other games the CDL has played unofficially.


The CDL has an Officers Council which was formed from a variety of trusted members over the years. Below is a listing of CDL Officers and their Positions.

  • Manitou - Leader and Admin
  • Hamma - Co-Leader and Co-Admin
  • Sentrosi - Protocol
  • TBeast - Recruiting
  • Marsman - Tactical Assets
  • Graniterok - Division Liaison

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