This article is a guild information page for Dragon Lancers of Terokkar Europe.

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Dragon Lancers are a friendly, social guild who are mostly UK based. We are a long established guild and are dedicated to enabling our members as many opportunities as possible to enjoy their gametime with us!

Our guild was formed on Terokkar EU server, it is level 25 and currently runs regular Cata content. We have one dedicated raiding teams that are currently progressing through DS. We also run older content for achievements and to give those the chance that have not been there. To fill out an application please go to For more information you can contact Humlock, Crystals, Nundra' or any other Dragon Lancer in game.

Guild Progress Edit

Within the guild we have a large number of Level 85's, run regular hc's, and have two raid teams progressing through DS. Although we are predominantly level 85's we do welcome those whose level is lower and will help as much as possible in getting people where they want to be. That said, we do not encourage boosting of levels or the purchasing of gold, our guild does not work that way!

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Please see in game calendar for latest information and events.

Guild Rules Edit

DL is full of nice, friendly and helpful people who are always willing to help each other out and primarily have a good laugh and enjoy their gametime. In order to see this continue, the following guidelines will let new members know what we are about!

  • We do not allow the use of bad language at any time. Warnings will be given by officers in respect of this should it occur, and action will be taken in the case of persistent use.
  • We do not allow guild chat to become a replacement for trade! If you have things to buy/sell between members, please use /w. Guild members will NEVER charge for anything they make or do for another member, apart from covering the cost of the materials.
  • Begging in guild chat will NOT be tolerated.
  • DL does not encourage its members to purchase gold, but has a million and one suggestions for helping people make their own!
  • We encourage our members to behave with respect in Trade, and any complaints will be dealt with accordingly.


Officers Edit

For more information contact the following.

Humlock, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for more info on the guild.

Nundra, Protector
Crystals, Protector Guild's PA ;)
Eruantian, Officer
Demoncleaner, Officer
Jynxonomix, Officer
Clouseau, Officer
Lungorthin, Officer
Talir, Officer
Nóbody, Officer

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