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Alliance 32 DrAmA
Name DrAmA
Server Turalyon Europe
Levels 70
Type PvE
Accounts 100 +
Website DrAmA DrAmA @ Turalyon

This article is a guild information page for DrAmA of Turalyon Europe.

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DrAmA is a PVE raid guild based on the Turalyon EU Realm. The guild was formed by former members of MM and Source of Strength prior to the Burning Crusade Expansion pack for World of Warcraft. In order to fill out the raiding roster for 25 man content DrAmA merged with Project X, and more recently Division. Together our members, old and new, aim to face the challenges of Mount Hyjal and The Black Temple in the weeks to come.

Raiding TimesEdit

As a raiding-guild we insist that our raiders attend at least 3 out of 4 raids every week. We also expect members to be online, repaired and fully stocked on pots when the invites start. We use Team Speak when raiding and it is mandatory to join our teamspeak server during raids. Our raid times are:

  • Monday 19:45 till 00:00
  • Wednesday 19:45 till 00:00
  • Thursday 19:45 till 00:00
  • Sunday 18:45 till 00:00

Guild Progress Edit

World of Warcraft

The Burning Crusade

Coming Soon...

Wrath of the Lich King


See our website for the latest information on recruitment.

In order to apply, make an account on our forum and contact an officer in game for access.

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