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Divine Right is an Alliance guild on the Warsong US PVP server.

Our guild site may be found here.

Divine Right is built upon small groups of real life friends, recruiting mostly only real life acquaintances of current members. We continue to try and hold onto this founding principle of being a guild formed from circles of friends interlinking with other circles, to form what we are today.

Current Guild Management:Edit

Guild Masters:










A Brief History Edit

Divine Right was formed out of the merger of <Elements of War> and <Legends of Warsong> in late December of '04.

In April '05 Divine Right allied with FusiØn to down 40 man raid content, and continued on with the tradition until May '06. At this time, Divine Right left the alliance, citing numerous reasons.

In early '06, we began raiding with another guild, Exile, to allow the members of DR not allowed into the FusiØn lead runs a chance at seeing 40 man raid content. Since then we have progressed astonishingly fast, and both guilds have since merged.

Contacting Us Edit

Feel free to visit us on our forums here and chat with us about random things. If you are a prospective raider, or a friend of a guild mate, and wish to apply to join Divine Right, please submit an application here. Remember, giving us more information is always a bonus. Sketchy apps are just that, really sketchy.

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