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Overview Edit

Divine Legacy is an Alliance PvE guild on the Bronzebeard Europe server.

History and goals Edit

Divine Legacy was not initially a high end raiding guild, we have a past...

Divine Legacy was formed February 2006, it was not formed with the intention of raiding Molten Core, Blackwing Lair etc... It was founded by a group of newly met online friends with the intention of leveling up together, having fun and meeting new friends. It has always been a friendly guild with members from all over Europe.

We have since become a raiding guild with a lot of our original members still with us. Our original intentions of having fun and meeting new friends remains, our goal of reaching level 70 has however changed. Our new goal is to conquer new challenges.

Where other guilds have come and gone... Divine Legacy has remained as our members are not searching for a guild that can down every boss on the first attempt so they can farm their epics. We face every boss for the first time as a new guild with a sense of achievement when that challenge is overcome and who better to share the celebrations with than your friends new and old.

Come not to DL with the intentions of greed, as this is not the guild for you. Come as a new friend who wants to share in the joy and exhilaration as well as the sorrow and frustrations. This game has more to offer than better equipment for your character, if you understand this then you are in the right place.

Guild Progress Edit

Guild progress current as for August 19th 2009.

Dungeon Status
Naxxramas Spider Wing Cleared
Plague Wing Cleared
Death Knight Wing Cleared
Abomination Wing Cleared
Frostwyrm Lair Cleared
The Eye of Eternity Cleared
Chamber of Aspects Obsidian Sanctum Cleared
Green Dragonflight Chamber N/A
Red Dragonflight Chamber N/A
Blue Dragonflight Chamber N/A
Bronze Dragonflight Chamber N/A
Ulduar The Siege Cleared
The Antechamber Cleared
The Keepers Cleared
The Descent into Madness Cleared
Supermassive N/A
Trial of the Crusader Beasts of Northrend Cleared
Lord Jaraxxus Cleared
Faction Champions N/A
Twin Val'kyr N/A
Anub'arak N/A

Members Edit

  • Guild Master: IconSmall Priest Valentus.
  • Officers: IconSmall Priest Darllia, IconSmall Paladin Iznogood, IconSmall Warrior Skalli, IconSmall Paladin Arton.
  • Webmaster: IconSmall Druid Patryk.
  • Class Leaders: IconSmall Druid Pundarr, IconSmall Hunter Jarlex, IconSmall Mage Bewitched, IconSmall Rogue ?, IconSmall Shaman Parr, IconSmall Paladin Arton, IconSmall Priest Valentus/Ausill, IconSmall Warrior Lachlan, IconSmall Warlock Berekeire.

External Links Edit

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