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About DisdainEdit

Ask not what being a member of Disdain can do for you, ask what you can do for Disdain . Players who think being a member of Disdain is an easy route to obtaining epic items or 'phat lewt' will be sadly mistaken and find themselves looking for a new guild in short order. A lot of hard work goes into being part of a guild and the rewards are far more than items.

Those who wish to join Disdain must be of upstanding character. One who is trustworthy, mindful, and respectful of other players, especially to Guildmates. You represent the Guild as a whole. Remember that your actions reflect on each and every one of us. Your reputation affects the way your Guildmates will be treated by others. Be sociable, polite, and courteous to others. Greed or selfishness will not be tolerated.

You are welcome to play or be how you want to be, we won't tell you how to play. We believe 'actions speak louder then words', both of which will be reflected by your position in the guild, or lack thereof.

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, your probationary period begins and lasts for 3 weeks. To properly evaluate candidates during this time, you must demonstrate the above qualities to other members, as well as make an attempt to adventure with Guildmates and make use of the forums. Secondary characters of Guilded members are, of course, exempt and may be tagged immediately.

Above all else, have fun! Never forget that this is a game and nothing in the game is worth losing friends over.


Members are strongly encouraged to attend raids and events planned by the Guild. Raid attendance points may be applied based on importance.

If you decide to join an event or promise to be at a raid, please be considerate and give prior notice if you can't make it. If possible, cancel ahead of time so that the planners will have enough time to find a suitable replacement. We understand that real life comes first.


  • Thursday 8:00pm - 12:00am
  • Sunday 8:00pm - 12:00am

Invite Process

  • Invites being at 7:30, Raiders will be invited between 7:30-7:50
  • At 7:50, if seats remain available, members will be invited to fill open seats


Recruitment Overview

Disdain is working towards building a foundation of skilled and friendly players to approach end game content as a cohesive group. We recruit players who share the guild’s core values, outlined above, and who sufficiently satisfy Disdain's raider expectations. Players should above all else have a positive attitude and enjoy the game. While we do plan to raid a fair amount, it will not be on a "hardcore" scale. We want everyone to enjoy their raiding experience as much as their playtime allows.

We ask that all Recruit Applicants:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of your class and general game mechanics
  • Are prepared for raids with knowledge of the encounters and all consumables, and on time
  • Place raid progress over personal greed
  • Are cooperative and attentive, especially to raid leaders
  • Are enjoyable to raid with
  • Are geared enough to not be a burden for the content we are working on

Because we are progressing, it is unfortunate, but these instances are becoming heavily gear dependant. Therefore, everyone needs to take the time and gear up what they can and not wait for raid instance gear. There are plenty of heroic badge rewards, pvp rewards, etc. As well as guild members more than willing to help others out with what they can.

Upon Applying to Disdain:

  • All applications will be viewable by the entire guild and evaluated quickly, but not on a fixed time-table.
  • Accepted applicants will be guild tagged and placed on a trial period as an “Initiate" and will be further evaluated during the trial period.
  • Initiates will earn DKP and may bid on items during their trial period. Bidding will be available after their first Boss Kill.
  • The trial period will last until the guild can make a decision regarding the Initiate, which is estimated at roughly two weeks.
  • At the end of the trial period, Initiates will be either promoted to “Member” or excused from the guild.


Current Officers:

• Josstone Raid Leader Armory
• Phaye Healing Leader Armory
• Jinkad Melee Leader Armory
• Quenji Ranged Leader Armory
• Amelior Tanking Leader Armory
• Hexxus DKP Manager Armory


When you first join or form a group, it is strongly recommended that you establish the ground rules for looting to avoid confusion. We expect members of our Guild to act in the interest of fairness and with common sense. Protect your honor and the honor of your Guild. No item is worth getting a bad reputation over.

Disdain is a family, and as such, we treat each other as family members. If you acquire an item that you cannot use, we strongly encourage that you first check to see if another Guildmate can. Remember, the Guild comes first. Raiding loot will be awarded based on a DKP system. Any dispute that may arise over items or loot must be resolved through the proper channels.

External linksEdit

Disdain's Website - Disdain's Armory - Disdain GuildOx - Guild History

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