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General InformationEdit

Server: Server:Eldre'Thalas US <>

Faction: Alliance


DoTP is a large guild on the Eldre'Thalas server for World of Warcraft. We are a guild made primarily of adults who have real life responsibilities (jobs, families etc.) who also enjoy playing WoW. We are involved in just about every aspect of the game. Here you will find solo players, raiders, instance junkies, trade skillers of all types, casual and hard core enthusiasts.

So what are the benefits of belonging to DoTP? Glad you asked! A caring environment free of rudeness, crassness, and leetspeak. The opportunity to do raids without mandatory raid attendance. The freedom to play the way you want and the size to find and be with others of a like mind set. DoTPMod, DoTPs very own mod collection that is not only useful, but is updated often and versions are available soon after patch day! Also we maintain our own Ventrilo server that supports both Windows AND Mac users! Guild fun events like tournies, fun run days!

Enjoy your stay here. If you are interested in joining this dynamic, one of a kind guild, please read our charter, and fill out an application.

Ranking StructureEdit


All new members to the Defenders of the Pass begin as an Initiate.


Once an initiate has been in Defenders of the Pass for a period of at least two (2) weeks, they may begin the process of becoming a Member. To do so, the Initiate must obtain recommendations from three (3) Members, who will notify the Keeria. Once all three recommendations have been submitted to the Keeria, a period of 48 hours will pass for the Officers to review the Member applicant. Providing there are no objections, the Initiate will be promoted to Member by the #Promotions Officer.

LOA (Leave of Absence)Edit

If a current Member will be away for an extended period of time, they can notify an Officer and ask to be placed on LOA status so that they will not be removed from the guild during a regularly scheduled guild cleanup.

Raid TeamEdit

This is an organization that is responsible for the End-game progression of the Defenders of the Pass. The Raid Team lead is Arhaa.


These are the people responsible for the day to day operations of the guild. New Officers are nominated by the Members and voted in by the current Officers.

Guild MasterEdit

This is the leader of our guild and is considered a very prestigious position to obtain. Only one who has shown complete and utter dedication to the Defenders of the Pass can hope to attain this status. The current GM is Darador.

Recruiting Officer Edit

The Officer in the guild who is responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing applicants. The current Recruiting Officer is Keeria.

Promotions Officer Edit

The Officer in the guild who is responsible for promoting Initiates to Members. The current Promotions Officer is Heliox.

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