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Defenders of Infinity was originally formed on the Shattered Hand server. We are dedicated to maintaining a casual, fun, respectful environment, while working together through end game instances. We recruit people that share these goals and are able to mesh with the wide variety of quirky personalities and appreciate the craziness (read: NC-17 rating) of our guild chat. While we do raid, we in no way describe ourselves as a raiding guild - those seeking a regular raiding guild should look elsewhere. For additional information you can also contact any of the officers listed below.

History Edit

This guild was originally formed as the guild Infinity in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies by Cherry Red and a group of friends. With the launch of World of Warcraft, a number of players from Infinity's server moved to the new game. Over time, more and more players made the jump, including Infinity members. Growing demand in WoW encouraged Cherry Red, now known as Syonn, to found the Defenders of Infinity.

The guild was founded on the same principles as its SWG counterpart - fun and respect. Furthermore, DoI would never impose on a member's right to play the game as he or she chose. As the guild worked on establishing a balance between a relaxing, pressure-free environment and a sense of advancement and accomplishment, it began attracting new members - former SWG players and new WoW players alike. The result was a mix of players interested in casual leveling, intense PvP, and end-game raiding.

Leadership of the guild was turned over to Fuschia when Syonn's girlfriend Lalesa/Kipera went batshit crazy and he had to leave the game to deal with her insanity.

Shortly after this transfer of authority, the guild experienced an appalling wave of overt anti-Canadianism, spurred on by the mean-spirited yet articulate rhetoric of one Sabelis. Fortunately, with Sabelis forced to take leave from the game, reason prevailed to the point where Canadian members are, at present, revered as deities.

DOI's roster has almost totally changed since its inception. Only a handful of the original players from vanilla remain.

On June 18, 2010 the guild officially transferred to the Exodar server, reverting the name back to the original Infinity.

Guild rules Edit

  • We are a laid-back raiding guild; as such every person is generally encouraged to come to at least 1 raid a week but not required.
  • Guild bank access is dependent on rank, and subject to an intricate and complex system of rules and regulations, which mosly just boil down to not using fished up lobsters and vendor trash to create bank tab art.

Officers Edit

Caelara (pronounced "celery"), Guildmaster
Guild leader.
Tralia, Officer
Second in command, mostly because he does "favors" for the GM.
Ameliora, Officer
Really great rack.
Weazelby, Officer
Ask me about Explosing.
Qestin, Officer
Ready to autograph your breasts at the slightest hint of a fangirl squee, but watch out. He's Canadian and we hear that kind of thing is contagious.
Makabak, Almost an Officer
Most Delusional Mage in the Guild

Contact Info Edit

Via in game whispers to any of our officers. (contact any guild members to find out what officers are online, /who Infinity) (Please note that we are not the only Alliance guild on the Exodar server with the word "Infinity" in the guild name)

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