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Decorum (casual) Alliance raiding guild on PVE Malygos server. Decorum is made up close friends, couples, and an experienced group of raiders. The guild has a light raiding schedule of only three (3) days per week, at 4 hours a day. It is the only guild to down Illidan on Malygos, pre-3.0.2 patch, with such a light raiding schedule. The guild also boasts one of the more feature packed websites of any raiding guild, include its own raid builder that was developed and released prior to the one by MMO-Champion. As of January 9th, 2009 - Decorum fully cleared all pre-Patch 3.1 content with the downing of Malygos, though it continues to raid on schedule working for raid achievements.

History Edit

Decorum was originally formed by Lims and a core group of friends. It was charted on December 12, 2005, making it one of the oldest raiding guilds on Malygos.

After growing over time, it shifted focus from a guild of friends to a raiding guild starting routine raids on Zul'Gurub. Through its history, Decorum has followed every instance in strict progression. It has never skipped content to move on to "easier" content, such as skipping Kael and Vashj for Mount Hyjal, that many present day raiding guilds do.

Guild progress Edit

WoW Icon 16x16 WoW Classic (Pre-BC)

Bc icon The Burning Crusade

Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King

Officers Edit

Hoagy/Tilted, Co-Guild Master 
Guild leader. Raid leader. Replaced Lims as GM, along with Avaija. He was originally declined when he applied with Decorum, funny how things work out.
Avaija, Co-Guild Master 
Priest Class Leader.
Babyshoe, Guild Officer.
Dankchick, Guild Officer.
Dosmil, Guild Officer.
Fault, Guild Officer.
Floria, Guild Officer.
Gryzz, Guild Officer. Guild Webmaster.
Xinjin, Guild Officer.

Guild Fun Facts Edit

  • Floria, also known as Katria, is the most senior member of the active raiding membership of Decorum. Joined Decorum in April of 2006. They are always the first to welcome everyone in guild chat when a member signs on. Trust us, she doesn't have a mod.
  • During a past raid, a mage one shot the guild's top warrior who broke out into tears and server transferred.
  • "Yarr Imma eat j00!" was the official battle cry of the guild.
  • Yanna was always in charge of resist sets for the guild, even after canceled their account. They still jump on vent sporadically and shout out some word, that can be considered adult in a certain context, to get people ready for a big boss fight.
  • Yanna also held up a raid to make the guild decide what they should wear for a spaghetti dinner.
  • Stis and Meatfrog were the guild's first Level 70s. Both vanished. Until recently when Stis started trolling the guild's website, and eventually came back to the game, only to leave again. Or did they?
  • Gryzz, aka "G", and Katria were the 3rd and 4th level 70s in the guild, and still think they are awesome or something.
  • Beware of Shoe's basement.
  • Thirsty? Asguard and Avaija have their own Frethca Bar.
  • The guild misses Sporks a lot.
  • Meatfrog's first character was a hunter and got to lvl 10 before asking why he was having trouble shooting his gun and how could he tame pets cuz he'd actually rolled a warrior.
  • Avaija apped as a mixed spec shadow/disc priest. 23/038 to be exact. She was just waiting for a BM run to get kara attuned!
  • Tilted applied as, and ill quote him, "Class: Sexified Dancing Mage "
  • Some how Mizami still got in the guild after using Sagacious as her reference.
  • G can't make up his mind on the website, now working on version 3.
  • We crafted 1 thunderfury (for Annubris), never got any more bindings, never got an eye of sulfuron and G still has like 76 hourglass sand that for some reason feels wrong to delete.
  • Argantos pulled aggro on Chromaggus during the patch of rolling ignites. Let me clarify, he pulled aggro and dealt 47,000 dmg before dying (and wiping us). In 12 seconds. At lvl 60.
  • Argantos rerolled shaman (Zuranathor) with release of BC so he'd never pull aggro again.
  • Yakov used to play a mage. Before that he was a hunter. A hunter with Giantstalker shoulders and a Barberous Blade. Granted that was pre-decorum, its still funny.

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