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  • Decimation was founded in August 2005 on the Deathwing Europe server by a large group of dedicated players from The Burning Blade who were unhappy with the intense recruitment drive and heavy raid rotation in TBB. Upon creation a notable number of players also joined from Quasar, a guild comprised mostly of Unreal Tournament gamers.
  • The guild has a diverse range of players of all ages, the majority of whom are aged 18-30. Our player base is from all over Europe, including UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Italy, Finland, Holland and Greece. The language barrier is rarely a problem and most of our players are fluent in English.
  • The guilds initial focus was PvP, however after several of our players reached r14 and the release of Blackwing Lair the shift soon turned to PvE. Decimation established themselves as a key force on Deathwing after being the first guild to finish BWL in October 2005. After escalating lag and connection problems the guild decided to transfer to a new server, Talnivarr in December 2005. The release of Ahn'Qiraj sparked mixed reactions in the guild, several core players decided to quit the game, and the guild suffered from attendance and motivational problems, despite killing the Twin Emperors a week after the gates opened, and achieving one of the first European C'thun kills on 30th April 2006.

  • The guild vibe has been very positive following the opening of Necropolis Naxxramas and Decimation have proven to be more than capable, having achieved 4th EU kill on Kel'Thuzad (7th Worldwide) on the 25th of September 2006.

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