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Overview Edit

Server: Balnazzar(EU) (PvP)
Faction: Horde
GM: Focks
Recruiting: Anyone can join

Death Squad - Possibly the only successful Free guild on the server, by that I mean we don’t use DKP or put officers above everyone else, it's anyone’s game in this guild so if you willing to put the effort in then you'll make it to the top.

We are a mainly English Guild who is playing this game for fun. Although we raid our approach is more relaxed and hardcore raiding is not our primary concern as we are in this game for fun, and we do what we want. Anyone who joins has the chance to help out in any way they want with organising, planning and leading raids, events or PVP. Anyone can invite and anyone can join, but if you want to be a full member you need to properly apply.

Final note, the more you help the guild the more you will get out of it, so it's up to. We’re not here to drag you though raids, you have to help yourself if you want in.

If you think this guild is not the one for you, we have some good guild contacts so there’s no deadens to joining us :) And thank you for your interest in Death Squad.

Guild ProgressEdit

updated 20/11/08 Leveling in progress due to wrath


Founded 01/07/2008 This guild was formed by Jahmin and his friends, later joined by me 'Focks' and my friends. The major thing we had in common is that we had all played Alliance in pre BC + BC in most raid instances. With a lot of past experience of organising, planning and leading raids the guild was and is in good hands. A lot of lessons were learnt from previous guilds which is why we run this guild the way we do. We wanted to scrap DKP as it only caused more trouble and slowed guild progress, and give anyone a chance at proving themselves, thus we are a FREE guild. We only use a hierarchy system for organisational purposes.

Current Raid ScheduleEdit

All and any time we can. We don't have a specific raid schedule atm, but anyone is free to help plan and organise them. We like to plan the raids around our players as much as possible, so everyone is happy.

Guild RulesEdit

Our rules can be found here.

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