This article is a guild information page for Death In Excess of Blackrock US.

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Death in Excess (a.k.a D.I.E.) is a small, casual guild situated on the Blackrock US server. Most of the members are friends in real life, having met up in high school or anywhere else that hijinx can be had.

The majority of the active members of this guild are level 80 and well-geared, most having downed bosses in Icecrown Citadel. They are trying to help the under-geared 80s to acquire better, epic gear so that they can start raiding as a guild. However, this isn't a supremely urgent priority leaving guild members the freedom to quest, explore, get achievements and/or level up professions.

Regular GuildiesEdit

Ephriam, Blood Elf Priest
The guild's leader and main healer. A master tailor and raid enthusiast. Specced in Holy with an off-spec in Discipline.
Bowshack, Blood Elf Hunter
The guild's main, and probably only, source of level 80 ranged DPS. An engineer of the highest calibur. Both specced and off-specced in Marksmanship.
Bloodfâng, Blood Elf Rogue
The guild's co-leader and link to the outside world. Also the king of melee DPS and great enchanter. Specced in Combat with an off-spec in Assassination.
Kelegornráth, Blood Elf Paladin
The guild's tank, and he'll make you remember it. He moonlights as a pretty decent jewelcrafter. Specced in Protection with an off-spec in Holy.
Kelith, Blood Elf Death Knight
One of the guild's fledgling level 80 members with a penchant for melee DPS. He's concentrated on gearing up rather than profession building. Specced in Blood with an off-spec in Unholy.
Quayver, Undead Death Knight
The guild's most handsome member, as well as being one of the only non-Blood Elf members. A First Aid king, as his specs don't really allow him much self-sustainability. Specced in Unholy with an off-spec in Frost tanking.

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