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Doa logo

Dead on Arrival - More sexy than you can shake a stick at!

About DoA Edit

Most of the members of the guild are friends from the early days of World of Warcraft. Either we are reallife friends or we know each other from the game. Many of us have been in different guilds since the start, until now... 23.02.09 we formed the guild Dead on Arrival on the realm Azjol-Nerub(EU). We've cleared all normal and the majority of heroic WOTLK content. Most of us have already cleared all content from MC to Sunwell, and WOTLK with other guilds.

Dead on Arrival will continue to be a guild of friends only, but we're always looking for new friends as well. So if your a nice soul and have a good amount of raiding experience just pay us a visit and fill in the application.

Progression Edit

All current normal raid content cleared

All current heroic raid content cleared

Ready and waiting to wipe in Ulduar

Link Edit

For more information visit our website

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