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Dawns Light Brigade are a casual guild established in August 07. The guild name and tabard design are linked with the guild's philosophy of helping players who are new to World of Warcraft, or those who are in the dawn of their WOW experience. Note: Dawns Light Brigade are no longer active as of the release of Cataclysm.

Guild Overview Edit

Dawns Light Brigade is a guild that focusses on being noob friendly. What started as a low level guild, soon after the burning crusade expansion, has become a large guild with many experience members, though being friendly and helpful to new players remains at the core of the guild's ethos. Although many former guild members have left for raiding guilds upon reaching maximum level, it is not uncommon for members to stay with the guild. As a result of that the guild has begun doing more and more casual raiding. Firstly in the form of recent Karazhan runs and more recently with northrend 10 man raids. It is also common for the guild to run classic raids such as Molten Core and others. For some of the larger raids, former guild members frequently attend as well as members of other guilds that Dawns Light Brigade often work together with.

Guild rules Edit


Merolisa showing the guild tabard

The guild rules and ranks are outlined on the guild website's rules page. In summary, guild members are encouraged to provide help for other members in the form of advice, assistance with profession mats and quests. Instance runs take place regularly but generally when a few members have quests to complete that require completion of an instance. Gear runs are not encouraged as it is preferred that members show enough initiative to work through quests in preparation for an instance rather than expecting free runs. This is not a PVP guild so runs aren't provided for people wanting to twink their toons.

Officers Edit

The guild was founded by Ilya and Merolisa with Ilya as the original GM and Ilya is also the current GM. Merolisa, Dawnchanter (originally the guild bank toon before proper guild banks were added to the game) and Dunkl have all been past GMs. Current officers in addition to the GM are:

  • Merolisa
  • Pou
  • Birkenstocks
  • Tookiepally
Guild party

The guild members at one of the guild's parties. These popular events are often used to commemorate important milestones such as members reaching level 80.

Edit: As of the release of Cataclysm most or all of the guilds founding members/senior members have quit the game or switched servers

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