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Daughters OfThe Alliance is an IRL-women-only PvE guild on the Bronzebeard server. Everyone in the guild must be female in real life, regardless of the gender of your in-game character.

We have a sister guild on the Horde side, Daughters Of The Horde, and a spinoff European guild, Daughters of the Alliance - EU. If searching in any official capacity for DotA's guild name (the Social box, the actual WoW website, etc.), it should be remembered that the "OfThe" has no space, or else you might not get results. But as the word 'Horde' is shorter than 'Alliance,' DotH does have a space between 'of' and 'the'.

DotA has no formal guildleader. The officers act in council to make any major decision.

History Edit

In order to understand the history of the two guilds, Daughters of the Horde and Daughters of the Alliance, it is important to note that they were born out of the community Wow_Ladies.

WoW Ladies is a LiveJournal community, or in other words, a blogging community that was originally created for women to get together and talk about World of Warcraft. Chronologically, WoW Ladies dates back to when the game World of Warcraft was first launched, yet the idea for these women's only Guild was not started until April 19th, 2005.

Prior to the creation of the Daughters of the Horde or the Daughters of the Alliance (DotH and DotA respectively) there were other all women's Guilds. According to a post in WoW Ladies from January of 2005, there seem to have been at least two all female guilds prior to the formation of the Daughters in April of 2005. One, called The Amazons, was on a PvP server called The Burning Legion. Another was called The Girls, which was on the RP server Cenarion Circle (Alliance-side).

The Guild "Daughters of the Horde" was created first, after much discussion on the WoW Ladies livejournal community about the basic structure of the Guild -- name, server, leadership structure, tabard, and whether to go Alliance or Horde. Its initial membership is estimated to be around 50 people, although whether these are all separate accounts cannot be verified.

The "Daughters of the Alliance" was created as a separate entity from Daughters of the Horde; although the initial membership (specifically the leadership) shared some common players with DotH, DotA was not created to be a direct copy of DotH on the Alliance side. Like DotH, it started with the WoW Ladies community. Queries were sent out through the WoW Ladies livejournal community to determine if women wanted to create an Alliance all women's Guild and then the specifics of server and name were decided; it was voted on, and later decided to create a Guild on Bronzebeard and emulate the example of DotH.

The charter for DotA was signed on May 11, 2005. The original tabard was created by a character named Hixxy, and remains the tabard to this date. Ignote, the initial poster in WoW Ladies for the idea behind the Daughters of the Alliance, was elected the first Guild Master/Sister Mistress. The election for the initial group officers lasted for over a week, after the charter had been signed. The ranking system involved the Sister Mistress, then Elder Sisters (officers), and then Sisters.

On September 6th, 2005, Ignote stepped down from her position as Sister Mistress, and the new Sister Mistress became an officer known as Marz/Azraim. Marz stepped down on October 27th, 2005. An officer named Wolffetracks succeeded her, and with her the title became GM (which was often interpreted not as "Guild Master" but "Guild Mama"). She remained GM until stepping down on November 6th, 2006. After this point, the Guild did not elect a new GM but instead retained the coalition of officers. To date, the ranking system of the Guild is Elder Sisters, Sisters, and Little Sisters (the term used for initiates into the Guild).

Guild progress Edit

Wrath of the Lich King Edit

  • coming soon~

Burning Crusade Edit

  • Karazhan - Fully cleared
  • Gruul's Lair - Fully cleared
  • Magtheridon - Fully cleared
  • Zul'Aman - Fully cleared... usually.
  • The Eye - Void Reaver downed repeatedly; Solarian downed once before the 3.0 patch; multiple attempts made on Kael'Thas in concert with the guild Cake or Death.
  • Post Patch 3.0, Dota and CoD took many shots at content previously just out of reach; SSC was attempted twice (and actually went pretty well except for Vashj), and Hyjal was done about three times (we made it as far as Kaz'rogal and Azgalor). We ventured into Black Temple once and got about halfway through before just plain running out of time.

(need to place ourselves into the Guild Progression page.)

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Dota is currently gearing up to start regular Naxx runs as well as other 10- and 25-man raids.

Guild rules Edit

  • Must be female in real life!
  • You must have a Livejournal account, as the majority of our out-of-game communication takes place at the LJ community [1].
  • More...

Officers Edit

To speak with DotA officers, join the channel 'dota' in game.

Kelry, Officer 
Kurai, Officer 
Shaeldre, Officer 
Sumire, Officer 
Polyxena, Officer 

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